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Chakras are Blocked

What Happens to your Aura if Your Chakras are Blocked?

Do you ever feel like your energy is blocked and so you wonder what shapes and colors are in your aura and what they mean to your health and wellbeing?

The first thing to understand is your aura. Everyone has an aura, and this is where the negative energy that comes to you gets stuck. When this is full of negativity, it can cause you to have negative feelings and thoughts.

Everyone has shapes in their aura and if they want to know what their shapes are, they can get an aura reading. This can also help you to know if your chakras are blocked and what is happening inside of you.

A chakra reading can help you to know if your chakras are blocked and what you can do to release them. Each shape is represented of a block where your energy flows and helps to determine your shape.


A cube as your chape can mean that you have a blockage in your chakra. This can mean that you have sickness in your body or that your relationships are causing your pain or maybe even a sacral block.

What Do Blockages Do?

When you get an aura reading, you can figure out if you have blockages. Chakra blockages are blockages in your energy, and they cause you to have problems in your mind, body and soul.

If you think that any of your chakras are blocked, you have to understand that there are seven different chakras in your body and each of them have energies that control different parts of your body. The energy that surrounds your body can bring light to your chakras and keep you healthy.

When your chakras get blocked though, they cannot help to keep you safe and they cause you to have a hard time being the best you can be. The energy that surrounds your outer body is your aura and this is full of light and emotion.

The energy that surrounds you inside and out is full of colors and shapes. You will have different experiences and different light that comes to you from what you think and what you feel, along with your experiences. The chakras are there with their own colors to keep you safe and to help you have readings of your aura.

Aura Reading

An aura reading will help you to know what is going on in your life and what areas you need to work on to be stronger. The reading will help you to get a clear picture of what is negative and what is positive in your life.

This can be small or large things and can appear differently for everyone. You might not be aware of the negative things in your life but with an aura reading, you can understand it more.

An aura reading can help you to figure out if your relationships are strong. They can help you to think differently and to feel differently and can help you to look at your relationships different. Maybe you are approaching your relationships negatively and your aura is not joint like it should be.

The light that surrounds you can be a language that can show you when things go wrong and what you need to get rid of. Maybe you need to get creative in your life.

If you have a block in your aura or in your chakras, you need to change your thought process and you need to work harder to become more positive in your life. Negativity can hurt you and can cause you to have sickness or pain.

You are guided by these auras that surround you and by the light that comes to your body and you need to make sure that you are unblocked and strong.

The light that surrounds you can be in shapes or colors and this is positive energy that is bringing you life and happiness. This will help you to get what you want in your life and to reach all of your goals and dreams.


An octahedron is a pyramid-based shape and if you have this, it can mean that you have ideas that are coming real. This means you can manifest things in your life that will come true to you.

This means you are creative and that you will get things done. The color of the shape should be red or pink and it means you will get things done and you can reach your love ideas as well.

If the color is orange, it can mean that you have good flow which can mean you are getting new money or relationships that you want in your life.

A yellow shape can mean you are clear about where you want to go, and purple means you are wise. This chakra shape can help you to focus on finding your soulmate or reaching your goals.


This shape comes and has 12, five sided faces and can mean that you have choices in your life. If you see it in yellow, it can mean you should go into business.

In orange, it can help your relationships get better, pink means you have love following you and blue means you can communicate well.


This is a shape with 20 triangular shapes and means you are clear and successful. This can mean that you are able to reach your goals or to heal things in your life that are not working well.

This shape can come in a variety of colors and this can be influenced by the energy around you.


The shapes that you have in your aura represent different things and they are represented of different colors, depending on what your aura needs.

Your aura is a magnetic field, and it attracts your reality to you. The shapes and colors can be read by psychics to help you know if you have peace and happiness and what you need to get there.

Reading Auras

Auras can be read by psychics or sometimes you can learn to read your own aura. You have to get in touch with your inner feminine self and when you do, you can find your intuitive senses to read auras.

When you are meditating, look behind yourself in the mirror and see smoke around you. Look closer and remember that you will see colors show up. This can be shapes and colors and can help you to reach the places inside of you that provide positive insights.

Your aura is part of a light and when you attract goodness to your life you will see that you can reach good outcomes.

Look for different shapes such as a cube or a hexagon and see what shapes your aura has. Do you have blockages? Do you have love colors or shapes surrounding you? Maybe you need to be clearer with yourself as to what you want in your life.

Allow your aura reading to give you the answers that you need to move forward in your goals and your dreams.

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