Making Your Clairsentience Strong


Are you someone that has the psychic gift of clairsentient? You might want to make this gift stronger but not be sure how to make that happen. If you say things like “I see or I feel” then this can mean that you might have this gift.

To increase your gifting, you need to make sure first of all that you are spiritually in tune with yourself. You need to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are well. When you start to develop your gift, make sure that you know that it takes time and being patient is very important.


Clairsentience is one of the clair gifts and this is a sixth sense. This gift that means “clear feeling,” and it means that you are sensitive to the world around you. Being sensitive with your clairsentient gifts means that you are able to feel the emotions and the feelings of those around you. This gift allows you to be able to know what other people are feeling.

These are some things that you might experience if you are clairsentient:

  • You feel things.
  • You are sensitive.
  • You are extremely emotional.
  • You have a hard time being in big crowds.
  • You get stimulated easily.
  • You have a hard time dealing with negative energies.
  • People say you are an empath.
  • You listen to your intuition.

If you have this gift, then chances are you might have been called an empath. Being an empath and being clairsentient go hand in hand. Clairsentients are often considered introverts and they get overwhelmed easily around people and around big groups. This happens because they pick up all these emotions that aren’t their own.

Clair Gifts

Clairsentience is one of the clair gifts and there are other clair gifts such as:

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing.
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing.
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing.
  • Clairgustance: Clear tasting.
  • Clairalience: Clear smelling.

What Does It Mean to Be Clairsentient

Being clairsentient means that you are someone that feels things and you pick up the emotions of those that are around you.

Here are some other things that clairsentients might do:

  • Read Auras

Some clairsentients are able to read auras. This means that they are able to read the auras of those around them. They can sense the colors of the aura and find out what you are feeling based on the color of your aura.

  • Read Emotions

Another thing that clairsentients can do is to read emotions. These people are able to know what you are feeling even if you aren’t around them. The senses that this gift gives is that the clairsentient can read the energies of people and things, even if they are far away.

  • Overly Stimulated and Tired

Clairsentients are constantly picking up the energies and emotions of others. When this happens, it can cause them to be exhausted and tired. When they are in a place where the energies are strong or there is a lot of negativity, they may get extremely tired.

It is important for the clairsentient to have self-care by taking a bath or going out in nature to calm their own energies and to balance themselves.

  • Connecting with Spirits

Clairsentient people sometimes can feel into the spiritual world, and this means that they are able to connect with people that have passed on. This can be people that they know or people that they have never met.

Sometimes when a clairsentient has lost someone that they love, the spirit will show up to visit them and because of their gift they are able to make a strong connection like a medium.

How to Make Your Clairsentient Gift Strong

There are people that have the gift of clairsentient and sometimes they don’t embrace it or use it. Or some people might not even know that they have this gift. Any person can develop this gift and have better clear feeling.

Here are some ways that you can develop your own clairsentient gifts:

  • Listen to Your Intuition

One of the best things that you can do is to listen to your intuition> your intuition is there to guide you and you have to learn to trust yourself.

  • Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods can help you to develop any psychic gift that you have. If you are lacking in your gift development, make sure that you are eating less meat and more fruits and veggies. Also, watch your alcohol and caffeine intake.

  • Get Rid of Things That No Longer Help You

If there are things in your life that weigh you down or don’t help you, get rid of them. These things can hold you back from reaching your gifting. This can be things, or it can be a person that always leaves you feeling down or bad about who you are.

Things can keep you too busy to be able to develop your gifts. Make sure that you remove things out of your schedule that are stopping you from becoming better.

  • Meditation

Meditating is great to help you develop your gifts. Meditating and concentrating on your third eye chakra can help you to be stronger and help you to have stronger feelings. When you are not distracted and you are able to focus on your feelings, you will see that you can use your gift better. Meditation is one way to clear your mind.

  • Let Your Emotions Come

You have to learn to accept your emotions even when they are hard. If you need to cry, do it. If you are upset, be upset, and then get over it. People sometimes want to hide their emotions, and this is unhealthy. You can handle your emotions and let them come and then do things to get through the hard times like journaling or talking to a friend.

  • Heal from Issues

One thing that can help you to embrace your gift is to heal from your issues. This could be trauma, abuse, bad relationships and more. Sometimes people get trapped when they have issues and if they are able to find healing, this can help their gifts to shine.

Find a way to get better by talking to a therapist or meditating.

  • Be Thankful

You should be thankful when things are good or when they are bad. Being thankful can help you to get rid of negative energy and to be more positive. Be thankful for the good things that you have and the good life that you live. Even if you don’t have everything, you have more than some people and you should be thankful.

  • Spiritual Protection

Make sure that you are protecting yourself and your spirit. Ask your angels or your spirit guides to help keep you safe. Try techniques like shielding or white light bubbles. You can also use crystals to help you stay strong.

  • Talk it Out

You can learn to not be so tired and overwhelmed if you learn to talk about what is going on in your life. Learn to communicate with those around you and learn to answer questions and to say what you are thinking.

Communicating helps you to be able to set boundaries and to be able to live your best life.

  • Chakra Balancing

It is important that your chakras are balanced when you want to use your gift. Your sacral chakra, for example, is the place that helps you to be creative. Being creative with your gift of clairsentience is important. This can help you to make things like art, music or even to have good sex.

People that are clairsentient are very emotional and compassionate and this can be tiring when you are always giving yourself away to others. By meditating and boosting your chakras, you can be stronger in yourself so you can help yourself and others.

  • Crystal Therapy

Crystals are there for more than just looks. You can use crystals to boost your vibrations and to be stronger. Some of the best crystals for clairsentience are:

    • Citrine.
    • Quartz.
    • Rose quartz.
    • Green Aventurine.
    • Black Obsidian.
    • Tiger’s Eye.
    • Onyx.

Using these crystals can help you to protect your energies and are super helpful when you are around energy vampires. You can use crystals while you meditate to boost your meditation practices.

  • Do Something New

Go out in your life and do something new. Try to get a psychic or a tarot card reading. Ask the psychic to show you how you can increase your psychic gift and how you can learn to trust yourself more.

As you look at your gift and try new things, you will see that your gift can come naturally for you.

  • Spiritual Growth

Make sure that you are boosting your spiritual self when you want to increase your psychic gifts. You can do this by trying things like self-hypnosis or by doing spiritual and meaningful practices.

  • Learn Your Feelings

Try to figure out if you can learn your own feelings and the feelings of others. Ask a friend to let you try and guess what they are feeling and see if you can get it right. Practice this as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone that is an empath or someone that is considered highly sensitive, chances are you are a clairsentient. This means that you have one of the clair psychic gifts. If you have this gift, then you will want to increase your skills and learn to develop your abilities.

Keep practicing and working towards spiritual development and as you do you will see that you can use your gift for many great purposes.