Understanding Hair Energy

Hair Energy

When you think about energy it is important to understand that everything that is living has energy. Even objects that aren’t alive can carry some kind of energy on them. Your mind, body and soul all are full of energy and even your hair has a certain kind of energy.

When you talk to a psychic, they might talk to you about your hair. They might mention the length of your hair or the color of your hair. Sometimes energies are moving around your hair that a psychic can see, and this allows them to understand what is going on in your life.

If you have negative things happening around you, chances are that your psychic can see this when they look at you and this energy can be moving around your hair. It can also show your loss, your lack of finances, your emotions and things that are holding you back.

Long Hair

Some people talk about having long hair and how long hair can spark conversations between psychics. Even though some regard hair as superstitious and they don’t care what the hair looks like, it is something that sometimes comes up. Hair is part of folklore as well and this is why the story of Rapunzel is so known.

There are psychics that believe that people that have long hair are often sensitive. They also believe that when a person that is empathic or overly sensitive gets a haircut, that this can be dramatic for them. After getting a haircut, some psychics have reported having out of body experiences and having bad feelings.

This is a cultural thing that is often looked at and some superstitions and folklore talk about getting your hair cut and about making sure that you are in the right state of mind before you ever go to a beauty shop or a barber for a cut.

Other Superstitions About Hair

Here are some superstitious ideas about when you should get a haircut and why:

  • Mondays: If you want to have better health.
  • Tuesdays: When you want to have wealth.
  • Wednesdays: So that you can hear the new news.
  • Thursdays: You can then get you a new pair of shoes.
  • Fridays: This can bring about sorrow.
  • Saturdays: You will see your soulmate or your true love tomorrow.
  • Sundays: The devil will be with you for the whole week.

Some psychics believe that if you want to have your hair grow, don’t cut it when the moon is in the waning phase and if you want it to grow, cut it when there is a full moon.

What Does Hair Color Mean?

Here are some things that hair color can mean:

  • Red hair: Women have short tempers.
  • Dropping a brush: You will find disappointment soon.
  • Pulling out a grey hair: Three more will come.
  • Meeting a traveler in Ireland with red hair: They will have to start the journey over.
  • Hair that is cut off: Burn it or it will be unlucky.
  • Cutting hair outside: It will be picked up by birds and it will cause you to get headaches when they put it in their nest.

If you are sensitive to getting your hair cut, then chances are that you are an empath. This can happen because of the energy that surrounds your hair. If you are someone that is imbalanced and you feel angry, make sure that you keep some of your hair clippings with you. This can help you to reserve your energy. It is thought that if you choose to get your hair cut and you get rid of it by burning it, it can make your energy strong, and you won’t be affected as much by getting a haircut.

Final Thoughts

Many people consider their hair to be their luxury and if you are someone that feels this way then make sure that you are taking good care of your hair. Thick hair will show that you are healthy and thin hair can mean something is wrong with your health or you are older. People will almost always notice your hair first and this includes the color, style, and shape of your hair. Treat your hair with care because it is full of energy.