When Your Partner Likes Someone Else

Partner Likes Someone Else

It is normal for you or your partner to start having a crush or to be attracted to someone else over the course of your relationship. Of course, there is a line that has to be drawn between cheating and between just having a crush that is innocent. If you have a partner that seems to be showing attention and falling for someone else, you need to notice this and pay attention to it.

Being attracted to other people while in a relationship can be a natural thing and even if someone loves you with all of their heart and they are fully committed to you, this can happen. It is normal to be attracted to someone but how attracted that you are to that someone is what matters.

When you have to deal with these things, it can be frustrating, and it is proven that cheating happens in more than 16% of relationships between the ages of 18 and 26 years of age. But when you look at romantic interest, the number can increase to more than 70%.

An attraction to someone doesn’t have to be a problem but if your partner is attracted to someone, it might make you feel bad. But the good news is that if this is handled the right way, it can be good for you and your partner and your overall relationship.

This is a time that you can communicate with your partner about what is going on in your relationship and what their desires are. It is a time to talk about changed feelings and other things. Not all people will cheat and just because there is an attraction doesn’t mean that cheating will ever happen. Attraction doesn’t even mean that there are problems in your relationship, but it could mean that you need to be more open and communicate more in your relationship.

If there are insecurities in the relationship, you need to not wait and you need to have a conversation now. If you have been cheated on before and this is causing you to feel insecure, talking to your partner about the relationship can help.

Signs Your Partner Might Be Attracted to Someone Other Than You

Here are some signs that your partner might be attracted to someone other than you:

  • They Talk About Them

When you have someone that is attracted to someone else, but they haven’t made any kind of move with that person to cheat, chances are that they won’t be as worried about hiding how they feel about that person.

They might start to think about this person more and so they will obviously talk about them more in front of you. When you hear your partner talking about someone else, it might be frustrating, but this is a good sign that they aren’t hiding something from you. Once it starts, this is a good time to ask them what is going on and what they are feeling before things go any further.

  • Detached from You

Your partner might be having strange feelings especially if they are beginning to have feelings for someone else. This attraction can cause them to feel different towards you. If your partner starts acting cold towards you then you need to talk to them about what is going on.

  • They Changed Their Daily Activities

A partner that changes their daily activities might be a sign that they have a crush on someone. This can be habits that they change, or they might spend more time at work than normal and less time with you. They also might not want to do as much as a couple. Ask them about what is going on in their feelings and this can allow them to open up if they have a crush or if things have gone further.

  • Lack of Romance

You should be having romantic times with your partner and if this has slacked or if your partner is giving their attention elsewhere, this can be a sign that something is going on. If your partner is putting their attention and energy towards another group or another person, they are probably having a crush on someone. This might be a time to see a couple’s therapist.

  • Friend Relationships

Most people have opinions on other relationships but if your partner seems to be overly concerned with the relationships that their friends are having, this can be a sign. People that seem bothered by other romantic relationships might be attracted to that person.

This can be comments about how the person can find someone better or other comments that seem off. This could be that they are just concerned for the person, but it can also mean that they are feeling jealous. You need to ask why your partner is feeling the way that they are.

  • Social Media Stalking

People in a relationship need to have social media boundaries but when you start to notice that your partner is spending more time on social media or they seem to be stalking a particular persons page, this can be a sign that they might have a crush on that person.

If your partner seems to be paying attention to someone a lot, this can be a sign that they are attracted to them. People will use social media to cheat sometimes, and you need to pay attention to their social media habits if they change. Ask questions even if it’s hard.

  • Sharing Less Details

Your partner should share things with you and if they aren’t sharing as much with you about the details of their life then something might be wrong in your relationship. You should take time to ask questions about their day and their life and see if they are willing to have conversation with you or not.

If they aren’t you need to note that something is going on and express how you are feeling and find out what is on their mind.

Final Thoughts

When your partner seems to be attracted to someone else, this can be hard, even if they aren’t cheating on you. Notice the signs around you so that you can express how this is making you feel. Communicate with your partner because a lack of communication could be part of the problem. By talking about what is going on, you can fix things before it gets too late and they actually cheat.