Finding Clarity Through Meditation


Do you feel that you are feeling tired or overwhelmed? Do you feel that you have no inspiration, excitement, or energy? If so, you can figure out how to get rid of your imbalances by meditating and doing breathwork. This can take away your feelings of exhaustion and confusion and create a space in your life for creativity and excitement.

Clearing the Mind with Meditation

Find a quiet place where you can relax and not be disturbed. This can be a place that is comfortable for you such as a comfortable chair or a place on the floor on a pillow. Keep your back straight and your head held high and relax your body.

Put your hands on your shoulders and keep your elbows out while you inhale and twist your body to stretch and to help your body relax totally. Deep breathe and hold it in and then exhale as you put your hands into your lap.

Let the energy shift in your body as you relax and are more aware of how you are breathing. Listen to your breath going in and out of your body and watch your stomach go in and out as you breathe.

Focus on how you are beathing and imagine a white light filling you. Let the light go all through your body from your head to your feet. Let your body relax.

As you breathe deeply, imagine the breath filling you from the earth to your body and then as you let it out relax and let your breath get softer. Each time you let go of your breath imagine that you are letting negativity leave your body and as you breathe in you are letting life go into your body. Your breathing becomes energy and is part of your life force.

Keep doing this kind of breathing until you feel completely relaxed. Meditate while you are doing this and let go of anything negative that is in your life. Don’t let negativity hold on but as you breathe and let things go, imagine how much energy that you are getting into your soul.

Final Thoughts

Meditating is a way that you can get rid of negativity, and you can bring life force into your body. As you finish meditating, let go of things that have held you back.

Be aware of what you are feeling and what is going on inside of you. Notice things around you that you might not have paid attention to before such as the temperature of the room, how your body is feeling, the sounds that are filling your space and any kind of smells that you smell.

Take your breathing to a new level and when you are done and when you have gotten to the place where you are at peace, stop deep breathing and bring your breathing into a normal breathing mode.

Now, open up your eyes and look at the area around you. Notice how your body feels now and see if you feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed and stressed. Meditation can bring healing to your life.