Using Self-Hypnosis for Answers


There are negative and positive things happening all around you and as life moves on, you will go through challenges that cause you to have changes. Changes can help you to be more aware which can help you to be more spiritual which can lead you to evolve at a faster rate. As you face challenges and changes, you can look at yourself deeper on a spiritual level.

As you learn who your higher self is and what you are meant to do, you have to be mindful of the different layers of your life. If you have anything in your life that has left you hurt or angry, you need to heal these things. You need to deal with the shadow self and anything that might hold you back.

Your shadow self can’t be hidden, and you will see it come through when you are opening up your subconscious mind. This can show you things you aren’t aware of.

Find out what it will take to help you to live your best life and to reach your higher self and use these ideas to change and to transform in a positive manner.


A person that goes into a trance like state is said to be experiencing hypnosis. This is a way that you can concentrate and have suggestibility. Hypnosis is being in a state of sleepiness, and it is when your attention is focuses on suggestibility, fantasies and more.

Those that get hypnotized are often hyper aware but also zoned out. Hypnosis is something that is real, but it has often been pushed to the back burner or said to be fake. It is a tool that is often used for therapeutic purposes and can have many benefits.

Using Hypnosis

Here are some ways that people get hypnotized:

  • Guided Hypnosis

This is a kind of hypnosis that uses recorded tools to help bring people into this state. This is often online apps or music. You can find podcasts online that can help you to do your own guided meditation.

This kind of meditation can help you to be in a hypnotic state and can help you to have success in your life. It uses the guidance of your angels and spiritual guides to raise your vibrations.

  • Hypnotherapy

This is a type of hypnosis that is practiced in psychotherapy. This is often done in offices of doctors and psychologists to help get rid of things like stress, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and more.

  • Self-Hypnosis

When a person goes into their own self-induced hypnotic state, this is self-hypnosis. This can be done to help control pain, get rid of stress and help people to have a better mindset and to relax.

Hypnosis will use vibrations to help bring healing and is a holistic kind of medicine. It helps people that experience emotional, physical, and mental pain. It can also boost the spiritual man. Hypnosis is used for past life regression therapy, and it can clear blockages in the chakras.

Why Use Self-Hypnosis?

There are many benefits from hypnosis. People are becoming more interested in self-hypnosis because it is something that can help them to focus and help them to be more positive in their life while reaching their goals.

This is a way that you can focus and learn to motivate yourself. There are skills that everyone has and when people are focused on doing better and reaching their goals, they can get more done. Self-hypnosis helps with that.

This is like a kind of meditation because it helps people to be calm and to learn how to get into a relaxed state. People that practice this normally set goals to help their life get better. They will meditate and then they will help get themselves in this state.

Meditation on its own doesn’t set goals but just accepts the calmness and lets the mind go where it needs to but with self-hypnosis, it can heal the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical body. It helps people to be more focus and to have meaningful lives.

How to Do Self-Hypnosis

Here is how to do your own self-hypnosis right at home:

  • Be Comfortable

Start by finding clothes that are comfortable and that you can relax in.

  • Find Your Area

Find an area that will have no distractions and be sure to leave your phone out of the area.

  • Set Goals

Set goals as to what you want. Make sure that you are specific with your intentions and what you want to reach. This can be having more self-esteem or getting rid of depression.

  • Focus

Find a place that you can stare and stare at it. Let this be a focal point for you to look at. Some will choose to light a candle and watch the flame.

  • Music

You can add music that is calm to the background. Some will choose this when doing self-hypnosis.

  • Breathing

Deep breathing can help you to concentrate. This also can bring you calmness. Learn to inhale deeply through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Close your eyes or focus on y our focal point.

Keep breathing the whole time and let images leave your mind. As you feel your eyes getting heavy, keep going and do it until you can’t open them. Do this as you become more aware. If you return and you aren’t finished, go back to deep breathing.

  • Visualization

This is a place where you can open up your senses. Imagine a place that is peaceful and happy and let yourself go there. Imagine that you are standing there, and you are surrounded by things that you love such as a garden or clouds. Find a place in your mind that brings peace and calmness. Do this as your body gets heavier and you get sleepier.

  • Positive Mantras

Try to say some positive mantras such as, “I am worthy,” or “I am more than enough.”

Reach Your Goal

Once you are calm and you have focused and visualized, focus on your goal. Make sure that you are detailed in what you want. Be confident when you are trying to reach your goal. Tell people about what you want and don’t get nervous about it. Be truthful on whatever subject you are talking about. Visualize how comfortable you are and let this bring you to sleep.

Talk About Your Goal

Imagine that you are reaching your goal and be confident. Don’t be afraid of your goal and reach it. Talk about what you want to do such as:

  • I will love going to the gym.
  • I will get good sleep each night.
  • I will give up smoking.
  • I will lose weight.
  • I will be confident.

Go Back to Your Body

After a few minutes, leave your hypnotic state and start deep breathing. Let your energy flow through your body and as your breaths leave you, go back to normal.

  • Wake Up

Count from ten and say, “When I get to one, I will wake up and be alert and full of energy.”

  • Reiki

There are kinds of self-hypnosis that you can do while you are doing reiki. Reiki is an ancient therapy that helps to bring life energy to your body. Reiki was termed in Japan and was discovered by Buddhist Monk, Mikao Usui. He felt that life energy could flow through each person, plant and animal and that reiki could help. This is not tied to any religion.

Reiki is a spiritual healing that believes that life flow can make energy strong and bring life and benefits to those that use it such as:

  • Helps to get rid of anxiety.
  • Helps you to relax.
  • Helps reach goals.
  • Brings clarity.
  • Increases grounding.
  • Boosts intuition.
  • Balances the chakras.
  • Increases the immune system.
  • Works with meditation.

Reiki can be done, and it is unique in every session. It can be done at a practitioner, or it can even be done online, or you can learn it yourself. Reiki uses light touch, and it can bring warmth and tinging to your body.

A reiki practitioner can help you to sleep and relax so much that you wake up feeling new. It works with other things like hypnosis, aromatherapy, and other things.

  • Reiki and Self-Hypnosis

You can use reiki with about any kind of holistic healing including self-hypnosis. There are ways that you can use this and learn to reach your goals. You can focus on your chakras, and you will see that your chakras can open with this kind of healing.

If you have goals to communicate better, reiki can make sure that you have your throat chakra opened and that you are able to reach your goal.

  • Cho Ku rei

This is used to increase or decrease the power in your body whichever you need. It can make you stronger in your spiritual being and works to regulate the qi. It can also move energy through the body and might use a catalyst to heal and cleanse.

  • Sei Hei ki

This is a symbol of harmony and purification. It can be used to cleanse your emotions and your mind. This is symbolized as a wave or a bird flying. It is done with a sweeping movement to bring the equilibrium back into the body. It can help people to get better from emotional trauma and get rid of creative blockages.

  • Hon sha ze sho nen

This is when you can send the qi long distances and is timeless. It is called pagoda and is shown like a tower. It can help people to be able to be together even if they are in different areas and will open up Akashic records.

  • Self-Hypnosis Crystals

You can use crystals while you do self-hypnosis, and you can increase your vibrations. You ocan get rid of energy blockages and let your energy ground you and protect you so that your chakras can be strong.

Put crystals around your room and do your own self-hypnosis and you will see that it can benefit you. This is a tool that can help you to understand yourself more and to reach your higher self. Don’t be afraid of this and take a step towards reaching your true self.