What Happens After Your Dog Dies?

Dog Dies

Animals are a big part of our lives and if you have a pet, you know that losing that pet can be hard. So, what happens when you lose a dog that has been part of your family? Dogs can be like a person in your life, and they are a pet that you never want to lose. When your pet dog does die, it can make you lose a part of yourself.

The great thing though is that you never really lose your pet when they die. They are part of who you are, and this happens because you spend so much time with them. Chances are that you even share part of their soul with your soul.

Dogs, just like people, can communicate with you. They do this through their body language, the way that they act and when they bark. If you own a dog, you most likely love them, and they will show you how much they love you.

Their non-verbal communication comes from soul communication. This means that you are able to connect your soul with their soul so that you can know what they want to tell you.

Will The Dog Spirit Move On?

Your dog spirit will not ever leave you even when they die. They will come to you and visit you and you will feel them. You will also maybe see them in your dreams. When you meditate, if you have a psychic gift, you might see your dog come to you in visions or in other signs and symbols.

A dog that comes to you through meditation is a pet that loves you and that you love. When they come to you, it might be something that you don’t expect, and it will be like a visitation for you.

You might see that your dog is with you the first few days that it dies. This can happen because they are transitioning their soul. After the first 10 days though, you might not see them visit you as much. Here are some reasons this happens:

  • They go through a life review where they are finding their soul group for their next reincarnation.
  • The grief of their humans is hard, and the dog will experience these feelings from you and so they will visit you so that you can find peace.
  • The dog will be there for you, but it will also touch the lives of many other humans and will need to visit those people las well.

Dogs often will visit in your dreams, and this can come in any form from an angel to a light. You will know that this is your dog, and you will be able to identify them. This can happen more when you meditate, and you are calm and consistent with it.

Dog spirits can also come to you through signs and symbols and not just in your dreams or meditation. You might see their favorite food, see a commercial that reminds you of them or something else. This is how you know that they are transitioning and that they are visiting you.

Dog spirits will linger around you for a while because you are the one that took care of them. They want you to know that they are okay and that they are safe. They will enjoy being around you even in spirit and when they completely transition then they can visit you any time that they want.

Most dogs will cross to the other side right away, but some can take up to 49 days. This is a time where the spirit is transitioning and a time where they might or might not come to you.