Understanding Earthing

Walking barefoot

Earthing is one of the most important things that have been found. It is also known as grounding, and it is when you are able to connect your physical body to the earth and its electrical frequencies. You can think of how the sun can give you vitamins in your body and think of the earth in the same way. The earth can give you a form of energy and if you touch the ground with your bare feet, the electrons will go into your body.

The earth has an area that has a never-ending supply of electrons and when you walk on the ground, you will have a negative electric charge. When your body goes to the ground, it can cause electricity and electrical changes on you. You will get a charge of energy in free electrons and your body will line up to the earth.

Once you are grounded, you will have your body absorb the electrons and it will help you to feel good and to feel strong.

Being Grounded

Grounding has been something that has been around since ancient times. This is a way that you can connect with the earth. In the past, people were always connected with the earth, and they would go barefoot all the time.

Many people now have disconnected with the earth, and they are missing out on the electrons that they need because of their lack of physical activity and contact with the earth.

Earthing can be done in different ways including:

  • Walking barefoot.
  • Laying on the ground.
  • Laying in the grass.
  • Walking in the sand.
  • Gardening in the soil.
  • Walking on concrete that isn’t sealed.
  • Going into bodies of waters.
  • Sitting by trees or plants.
  • Playing in dirt.
  • Running your feet in the dirt.

Find a way to connect with the world around you for at least a half an hour each day. You can do this, and you can be grounded.

Some people live in areas that they might not be able to earth as they would be able to if they lived somewhere like in the country or the city. If this happens to you, find things that you can buy such as soil or dirt and bring it into your house. This can help you to connect with the earth in all the same ways.

There are also other products that you can buy that can help you to connect with the earth around you that can help you while you work, sleep or are resting. Find them online.