Color Theory and Healing

Color Theory and Healing

Colors are all around us and colors can change the way that you feel, think and maybe even the things that you do. The universe can show you messages that come in colors and this can be important in your life.

The energies that come with colors can bring you growth and peace. If you are trying to understand the colors around you and what they mean for your life, you can find out which colors serve a purpose for you and which ones don’t.

Colors and Intentions

If you find a color that is helpful for you, you can use this color by doing these things:

  • Eating foods of that color.
  • Wearing something in that color.
  • Meditating on the color.
  • Using crystals of that color.
  • Adding color to your décor.


Red is a color that can mean passion, love, death, manifesting things and more. The energy of this color is strong, and it can help you to:

  • Manifest what you want.
  • Ground yourself.
  • To have passion.
  • To reach your desires.

You can use the mantras, “I am secure,” “I am grounded,” or “I am able to manifest well.”  Be grounded before you ever move forward in this.

Red Chakra

This is a color that works with the root chakra, and it can help you to feel grounded and connected. This plays a role in connecting to the earth and symbolizes blood that goes through your body to keep you strong.


This is a color that works with the fire element and represents being pure and powerful. It is associated with Mars and Aries.

Passion and Love

It is a passionate color that brings love and can boost your mental health. It can be used all over your home to bring passion to the home. Use it in the color of your sheets and the curtain colors to make sex happier.


This color is sometimes shown with anger and rage. Make sure that you notice if you are having these negative feelings associated with the color red.


This is a time when you will be able to be in charge of the workplace. Wear a color that is red when you go to your job and show people that you are a leader. The redder you wear the more you can see that you can be dominating and have the upper hand at work.


This is a color that means to move forward and to be successful. It can show achievement and it can be worn on your lipstick or even with jewelry. This is a color that can give you confidence and help you to be strong.


Some of the best crystals that you can use in this color can help to bring you peace and to help open up the root chakra. It can ground you and help you to be passionate without negativity. Here are some of the best crystals to use:

  • Jasper.
  • Garnet.


Orange is an inviting color that means being accepted. You can use to have mental clarity and to support your creative ideas. You can associate this color with creativity, energy, community, and abundance.

Try using the mantras, “I am creating with the spirit,” “I am connected to the universe.” This color can mean adventure is coming to you.

Orange Chakra

This is associated with the sacral chakra and can mean that you are emotional and creative. It can mean that you listen to your gut feelings well and that you are supported in your sexuality, and you are willing to take risks.


This color is associated with the sun and can mean you are sociable. It is a sign for the Leo and that means someone that is generous, courageous and prideful.


This is a color that works to boosts your vitamin C. It can get rid of free radicals and if you start to get a cold, use something orange to help boost your immune system.


The orange color can stimulate you and inspire you. Wear orange if you have a meeting and if you need to accomplish something in your workplace or in your relationship. Use this color to make strong connections and friends.

Too Much Orange

Too much orange can be a bad thing and it can overstimulate you. Don’t use too much of it.


Some of the best orange crystals can help to bring you pleasure and joy in your life. Try crystals such as:

  • Coral.
  • Carnelian.

Meditate with the crystals and put them all over your home to make your home feel full of joy and peace.


This color is associated with joy and starting something new. It is a positive color that can bring balance to your life, boost your confidence levels, and can bring peace and good energies.

Try using the mantras, “I have joy,” or “My mind and spirit are at peace.”  This color can work for you if you have peace before you move forward.

Yellow Chakra

This chakra is linked to the third chakra which is found in the belly button area. It works with the liver and the small intestine. It is the Manipura chakra. It is where you will open up your metabolism and works to make digestion strong. If you are someone motivated, this color can help to keep you going. It can also change you and transform you as you move through your life.


Yellow is used with Gemini and the air element. It is use din Vedic astrology and associated with the planet Jupiter. It is a reflecting, luck and successful color.


This color should bring you positivity and can make you feel full of joy and peace. It can also bring you hope.


Use this color if you want to be creative and if you want to have fun in your life. You can use the different hues of yellow to fight through problems and to help you to be inspired.


Be confident in your ego and in yourself. This color can help to impact you and can give you encouragement in who you are. Self-reflect and improve your life.


Yellow crystals can be used to boost your self-confidence and to help you to change yourself. Find ones that can help you such as:

  • Topaz.
  • Citrine.
  • Amber.

Wear the colors in your clothing or in jewelry but use it to give you a happy future and hope.


This is a color that is associated with growing, healing and money. You can use it to have more wealth, better health and to grow. Use mantras, “I heal easily,” and “I get abundance from the universe.”  This color should have you focusing on balancing your mind and body.

Green Chakra

This is associated with the heart chakra found in the middle of your chest. This is where you get unconditional love, and you form relationships with others.


Green works with the earth element and it is the color of nature. It can mean family, growth, hope, joy, and other things and relates to Mercury and intellect. It works with the Taurus zodiac sign.


If you need to have healing and you want romantic energy, this is the right color for you. It can help you to feel balanced and help you to have energy that is peaceful.


You can look at this color and know that it means a new life or rebirth. There is this color everywhere in the grass, trees, and all through nature. It can mean fertility and health and it can mean being rejuvenated.


Green can be a symbol of luck such as the four-leaf clover. Wear this color if you want to have luck and abundance.


Green is a positive color, and it can mean hope. Hospitals often pain the walls green to keep people positive and to give them hope.


Green can also mean envy or jealousy, and this is a negative thing when you have this emotion.


There are some crystals that are great with this color such as tourmaline or emerald and you can use them when you are meditating.


Blue is associated with communicating, wisdom, and peace. This is a cleansing energy, and it can help you to speak the truth and to open up your intuition. You can say things like, “I speak the truth,” or, “I can communicate in love.”  Always communicate and speak the truth.

Blue Chakra

The chakra that is connected to blue is the throat chakra. This is found in your throat and helps you to speak the truth and to communicate with others.


Blue represents water and works with Aquarius and Uranus and opens up the imagination.


This color means to communicate better and to be able to say what you desire and need. It can mean depression too and so if you feel bad you need to focus more on yourself.


Blue can stand for truth and honesty and if you are having a problem with that, use blue in your life.


Blue can bring calmness and can make you have less stress. It can bring peace and help you to seek stability.


Blue is a color that means order of the universe and it means safety. When you need to have these things in your life or your relationships, add blue.


You might love things from your past and love traditions and if you do, remember that blue represents things that you value. This is a strong color that you will appreciate.


Even though blue can be a positive color it can also mean that you are rigid. Don’t let the dark colors guide you in a life that causes you to act like someone you aren’t.


You can use the blue crystals such as turquoise or aquamarine to help you stay calm and to be better at communicating.


Purple is associated with enlightenment and spiritual growth. It works with your psychic gifts and is a mystical color. It can help you to reach your intuition and to get deeper in your spiritual self. Use this color to communicate with your spiritual self.

Purple Chakra

The purple chakra is the third eye chakra. This is found in the middle of your forehead and is where you see vision and you embrace your psychic gifts. If you are spiritual and you see this color, it can be sacred for you.


This is a color connected to Sagittarius and can work with Saturn and Neptune.


Purple can mean that you are fun and creative. It can mean that you have strong emotions and imaginations and that you love patterns that can inspire you.


If you need to feel stable and at peace, purple can help to calm your mind and to bring you balance. It can show you the physical and spiritual world and it can keep you close to your heart.


Purple is a compassionate color, and it can inspire you to be stronger and to have empathy and compassion to others. It can bring unconditional love to your life.


Purple is a color of royalty and if you see it then it can mean that you are dignified and that you are in control and demand respect just like Kings and Queens did in ancient times.


Use different crystals such as tourmaline to meditate with so that you can open up your third eye chakra.


White is associated with purity, vibrations, and peace. This is a clear and open color that can help to give you clear thinking and put your mind and spirit at peace. Say things like, “I am peaceful in all things,” or “I am on a spiritual journey.”  This is a time to be forgiving.

White Chakra

There is a spectrum of color and white has many colors and light to come together. This can mean energies and works with the crown chakra. This is where you can reach your higher self.


White is associated with the moon and with Venus and works with the Cancer zodiac sign. It also is represented of the Libra.


White can mean to be pure, and some people will wear this color when they get married to show that they have given themselves to just one person.


White can mean that you are creative and that you are open to the world around you. It can be a time that you have visions and that you take advantage of what is in front of your life.


This color can mean that you are independent and that you are neutral to both good and bad.


There are some crystals that are powerful that you can use to influence your emotions. Use ones that help you to feel better in your emotions and that can help you to feel independent and spiritual.


Black is associated with mysteries and death and power. This is a powerful color and can help you to get rid of negativity out of your life. Say things like, “I am one with the universe,” or “When death comes, new things happen.” Work with your shadow self-using this color.


Black can be a color that works with the Capricorn zodiac sign, and it can mean darkness and is associated with Saturn.


This is a color that is full of mystery and is one that can give you a barrier to protect yourself. If you are vulnerable, you can use black to protect your emotions.


A person that uses black is someone that is full of authority and strength. They have self-control and they are able to discipline themselves and to make good decisions.


This is a color of sophistication and being elegant. If you wear this color, you are being dominate and submissive.


There are some crystals that are black that you can carry if you want to be protected from negative energies. You can use the Black Obsidian which is a protection stone, and you can use it to center yourself and to make sure that you are letting go of negative things and behaviors.

You can use this as a sign of depression as well and if you are feeling bad then you need to talk to someone and know that this is temporary.

Color theory can help you to have a better mood and outlook on life. You can talk to a psychic if you need help with this.

Other Colors

Here are some other colors and what they mean:

  • Brown: This color can be connected to nature and planets. It is a stability color and means grounding and balanced.
  • Aqua: This is a color that is a peaceful color. Use this to be creative and to keep your temper in check.
  • Pink: This color represents unconditional love and manifesting love and romance in your life. It can bring calmness to your mind.
  • Turquoise: This color is a color that gets rid of stress and can connect you with the heaven and the earth.
  • Gray: This represents being a wizard and it is a hidden thing with imagination and creativity.
  • Silver: This means calmness and being refined and is associated with the moon.
  • Copper: Represents growth and Mars and the sun.
  • Gold: This represents wealth and power.

Planets and Colors

These are the planets and the colors and how they affect your life:

  • Sunday: Sun and is gold, yellow, pink, or orange.
  • Monday: Moon and is white, blue, or silver.
  • Tuesday: Mars: Black, red, or orange.
  • Wednesday: Mercury and is orange and purple.
  • Thursday: Jupiter and is blue, green, or purple.
  • Friday: Venus and is pink, copper, or aqua.
  • Saturday: Saturn and is purple and black.

Spiritual Healing Through Color Theory

Colors are very powerful, and they can affect how we feel and how we act. Even during ancient times, people would use color therapy for healing and energy healing. The colors can help people to be more aware and people have known that colors are important. Even companies like the Alzheimer’s Association asks people to wear purple during certain months and Breast Cancer Awareness asks people to wear pink when supporting the society.

Color theory shows how people see colors in a spiritual, mental, and physical way. They study the different colors and see how they affect the mind and body. The universe can give different messages and the colors that come might appear often to give you an idea on what you need to do differently in your life.

Color psychology is used by people and businesses to change the energies and to bring growth. You can tell a lot about your own personality and the energies that you have by looking at your favorite colors. Color can be used to attract a partner in nature, and you can use to understand how you can even find your own love.

You can use color theory in each thing in your life and you can use it for healing. Decorate your home and your office to set the right mood for you. Work to change your energy so that it can be strong and powerful for you. Support yourself along your journey by being mindful of the colors that you use.