Using Runes and Bones for Divination

Using Runes and Bones

The Runic alphabet has been around for years and years and it was created by the Germanic people. It was used to make words but then later it became a symbolism and a symbol of power. There was a force behind each rune that was made and most of them were made out of things such as bones, wood, stone, metal, or other materials that were around.

In Iceland, Scandinavia, German and other countries, runes were a symbol of faith and people would use them everyday as a sacred ritual, weapons, jewelry, to show power and to show off their crafts. In the Middle Ages, runes were the alphabet that was used but the shamans would use these as tools of divination.

Elder Futhark

Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabet, and he used it by combining the first letter of the first six runes, naming each rune with spiritual signific and sounds.

Rune Casting

Rune casting is something that is done today with different runes that are made of shells, bones, and other things. This is the same types of tools like tarot cards, crystal balls and more. Runes can give answers to questions and can be asked to give answers. A pouch should hold the runes and the runes are a symbol of the universe.

When a question is asked, the rune caster will focus on the question and put all of their energy into it. The runes are then pulled from the bag, and this is how the answers are given.

Runes are very powerful, and they need to be cast correctly. They should be facing the sun or an East to West axis when they are cast. The person casting should always have a cloth laid out to put the runes on. After the runes are put on the cloth, the ones that fall face up are the ones that are read. The direction that they fall is significant and it is important to look at the symbol and if the rune is right side up or in a reversed position.

There are also rune spreads that can be done to figure out what the person should do. Some will decide to draw one rune at a time and put them down on the cloth and they are put horizontally in the order of 3, 2 and 1. The first stone is the problem, the second one is the challenge that the person is facing and the third is the action that has to be done to solve the problem.

When there is a bigger problem, the person can use 5 runes. Here is what they mean:

  • Rune 1: The overview of the problem.
  • Rune 2: The challenge the person is facing.
  • Rune 3: The action that has to be taken.
  • Rune 4: The sacrifice the person has to make.
  • Rune 5: The new situation.

If you need to find out things about your past, present or future, you can do a spread three different times. You can put a stone in the center and put it on the top and put the other 5 stones there that represent the future on the right, the present on the left and the center stone representing the past.


There are 24 different runes, and they are in groups of eight known as an Aett. This represents a god that ruled over the other gods and was a god of fertility.

Here is what the runes mean:

  • FEHU

This can mean love, materialism, income, wealth, happiness, and success. If reversed, it can mean loss and disappointment.

  • URUZ

This rune means strength and change for the better and good health. It is a masculine rune. Reversed it can mean no power or motivation.


This rune means divination and doors opening. It can also mean looking deep inside. If reversed, it can mean that you are stubborn about what is shown to you.


This is a rune that means to listen to messages inside of you and to get advice from others. If reversed don’t trust people around, you.


This rune means a physical or spiritual journey coming your way. If reversed, it means your plans will be messed up and you don’t communicate well.


This rune means light and that you are a light when times are dark. Reversed it can mean that you are depressed or anxious or you have recently lost someone you love.

  • GEBO

This can mean a connection with yourself. No reversed meaning.


This shows self-worth, joy, and peace. Reversed it can mean to be disappointed.


This stone can mean that nature is damaging you. No reversed meaning.


Means constraint or restraining yourself. Can mean that you are looking at things that you don’t like about yourself. Reversed can mean impulsive decision maker.

  • ISA

This can mean you are stagnant, and you need to search for your inner self. No reversed meaning.

  • JERA

This rune can mean you will gain things that you think are bad luck but are meant to be. No reversed meaning.


This can mean you have patience, and you will endure and make good decisions. No reversed meaning.


This is something hidden and truths that are about to come out. Reversed it can mean that you will take action to negative things.


This can mean protection from your guides. No reversed meaning.


This means being self-aware and recognizing positivity and negativity. No reversed meaning.


This rune can mean being successful and spiritual. Reversed it can mean lack of happiness or depression.


This rune can mean to be aware of a big decision. Making a connection with family. Reversed can mean no rest at home.


This can mean balance in the universe and to move forward with caution. Reversed it can mean unwanted changes.


This can mean humanity and the way that you treat people and how they treat you. No reversed meaning.


This rune can mean moon and bodies of water, healing and is a feminine energy. Reversed can mean ignoring yourself and making poor choices.


This stone can mean connecting to new people. No reversed meaning.


This rune means that you have creativity and can start a new day. No reversed meaning.


This rune means freedom from ideas holding you back. It can mean an inheritance. Reversed it can mean that you are living with ideas that are holding you back.


This rune is one that can mean that anything is possible in your life. It can show you who you are and what you can become. This rune was only added in the 1980’s and shows that people have changed over time.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you do a rune reading, you should look at one issue at a time and not try to look at a bunch of different issues. You can use the past, present, and future to help do the reading. A runic reading doesn’t give you a fortune telling reading, but it allows you to look at things that happened in your past, what is going on in your present and what the future direction can be.