Phenomenon Behind Psychometry


One psychic gift that people often have is psychometry. This is when someone is able to hold or touch an object and to know all about it. They are able to get information about who the object belonged to and where it is from. This is a gift that not everyone knows about.

Some psychics will hold the object in their hands and others will touch it to parts of their body like their forehead. This allows them to pick up on the energy of the object and to know what the object has to say.

Understanding Psychometry

Scrying is what psychometry falls under when it comes to psychic gifts. This is how psychics are able to see the energies of the object. Scrying can also be done by looking in mirrors and crystals balls and seeing visions.

People that have the gift of psychometry are people that sometimes have a hard time going into thrift stores. They have a hard time going into places where there are a lot of objects. They can feel the energies of the objects around them, and this can be overwhelming.

Psychometry psychics can look or hold an item and find out the history of it just by listening into the spiritual world. They can know if the owner of the object has died or if the object is important. They are able to feel the emotions of the object.

Some psychics can’t do this all the time when they hold an object, but they can do it with most things.

History of Psychometry

There is a history of psychometry, and it was first noted in 1842. This was a time when Buchanan, a professor from the United States in physiology experimented with this gift. He would hold objects in jars and ask the students to figure out the objects such as drugs, while they held them.

He published a book called the “Journal of Man,” where he recorded what the students said about the objects and how much they were right. He came to the idea that all things have souls and that they have a soul memory.

Other people came along and started to do this work and one professor, William F. Denton, would do experiments and he had his sister help him. He would wrap things in cloths and ask his sister to say what they were without being able to see them. She would put the item on her forehead and describe what she was seeing.

Gustav Pagenstecher was a German doctor and a research and found that one of his patients, Marie Reyes de Zierold, could hold objects and would go into a trance and she could tell where the object has been and what experiences it had.

All of the doctors tried different experiments and would use different objects and vibrations to get their answers.

How Does Psychometry Work?

Psychometry works by people being able to get the information through the vibrations of the item. They are able to connect to the past, present and future of the object and the vibrations are something that has been studied by science for years.

The science that shows the vibrations shows that there are records of past, present and future situations where psychometry was used to give information. Instead of this kind of gift just leaving and fading away, there have been many researchers that have studied this.

Psychometry and Auras

One article talked about how psychometry connects to auras. It talked about how since an aura is an energy field, it will go around the whole body and the objects that come in contact with the aura will be given that same energy. This is why some objects are able to be read easier than others.

Psychometry is a gift, and it is an ability that some psychics have. They are able to read if an object has been passed on from generation to generation or if the object has any specific history tied to it. They are able to find the information that is stored into the object just like files have information stored in them.


Some people such as Mario Varvoglis believes that psychometry works with clairvoyance. When a person does this kind of reading, they are able to figure out the object and to use telepathy to read it. The object might help them to focus on the situation at hand and to learn about the object.

Doing Your Own Psychometry Reading

Some people are able to do psychometry and others need to work towards getting this gift if they want it. Here is a way that you can practice trying to read things in psychometry:

  • Find a place that is quiet.
  • Don’t get distracted.
  • Sit in a place that you are comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and meditate.
  • Have someone hand you an object and le the person stay in the room. Make sure that they know where the object has been.
  • Stay still and wait for images or visions to come to your mind. Don’t try to interpret the images right away but just write down or say what you’re seeing or feeling.
  • Don’t judge whatever you say or hear. It might seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about right now, but you might find that you are right.


Keep practicing your psychometry until you get it right. As you practice, you will see results in front of you. The information that you get will be what you see, and you can let the feelings take over you so that you can know for sure what the object is showing you.

Even if you don’t get it all right at first, keep practicing. It takes a while before you will get into the 80 and 90% range where things are right but keep practicing until you do.

Be confident in what you are seeing and let the object tell you what you need to know. As you listen to your gut feeling and you let your intuition guide you, you will see that you can look at the objects and you can get information that you need to have in order to interpret what the object is and where it is from.