Thursday , December 6 2018
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Breaking a Continuous Occurrence of Negativity

Everybody experiences awful moments. For a few people, however, pessimism flourishes. They end up depending on it. In case you’re continuously complaining over your current situation then it means you’re stuck in a continuous occurrence of pessimism. Your life will be destroyed and your perception of the world will be …

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6 Things You Learn From Your Biggest Challenges

There is a Lesson learned from Your Biggest Challenges There is nobody who likes going through a difficult time. If we had options, we’d live a happy life without problems. But then again reality is always reality. Regardless of our identities or our life conditions challenges will always come our …

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Ways of Opening Your Heart to Meet the Love of Your Life

Are you ready to embrace love and affection by just opening your heart this spring?  Just like we encounter changes in every spring season where plants, trees, and flowers come back to life, it’s now a moment for you to sprout, be jovial and open your heart to entice the …

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The Meaning of an Elk Sighting

Dignity, ability, inner strength, and passion are represented by the Elk. Always remain relentless on your present course in case you encounter an elk sighting. It is also an expression to be constant and see things through. You will be respectable if you refuse to change your opinions, beliefs or …

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Happiness Is A Choice

       Have you felt that?  The times where no matter what you have going for your life in a positive way, you can feel a deep, lonely sadness and even feels that you’re half dead. You may have lost a loved one in death, said good bye to …

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Is It Time To End A Relationship?

       When you are in a chaotic and hurting relationship which always hit a road block and things are over we have to move on one way or the other. Trying to fix things before this happens takes some thought and looking in the mirror. We want to …

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Daydreaming Is Not A Bad Thing At All

         Do you daydream? If you’re like me, I have chosen to live in the world of dreams. Always a daydreamer, I’ve spent countess hour and afternoons simply creating ideal realities and enjoying the prospect of their existence. If at least for a moment, an ideal version of …

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Where Could You Possibly Meet Your Soulmate?

      A rule of thumb says that any environment in which you immerse yourself will be populated with personalities that reflect such environment. So if it’s a soulmate you’re looking for, put yourself in the places that make you feel the most happy, passionate and comfortable. Some of these may …

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Are You Losing Yourself in Love?

Are you losing yourself in your relationship? Finding your moods and lifestyle hanging on the the attitudes and behaviors of someone else? Thinking random and repetitive thoughts about who you used to be? Feeling limited, unappreciated and disrespected? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you’ve likely lost …

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