Is He Missing You or Just Unavailable?

Missing You

Do you date someone that is emotionally unavailable, and you wonder if they ever miss you or not? The truth is, they do miss their partners but getting them to actually say that they miss you will be a struggle that you might not ever win.

When you are in a relationship with men that are emotionally unavailable, it can be hard for them to talk about things. Even if you wonder if they miss you, the best thing that you can do, instead of asking them, is to let them show you signs that they miss you.

If a guy doesn’t show you that he misses you, it should never make you question if you are valuable or not, it can just be the kind of man that you are dating.

Traits of Unavailable Men

There are many women that date men that are emotionally unavailable. This is more common than you might think. This happens because sometimes men are afraid to say what they are feeling. This can affect the relationship in a negative way, but it is hard for some men to open up.

Here are some signs that you might be dating an emotionally unavailable man:

  • Committing

A guy that isn’t available to you emotionally might not ever make it clear what kind of relationship that you are in. You might wonder, “what are we?” and if you do, asking that can be important but it can also make you feel that you are being used.

Some men that are afraid of being abandoned might not ever give you a real title. You might have to wait and see if he can overcome his fear that is trying to avoid with you. When a guy puts his guard up against you, it can be hard.

  • Mixed Signals

If you are confused about your relationship, you might wonder if you are wasting your time. Maybe he is texting you and telling you how much he cares about you and then not texting you at all.

You may feel appreciated at one moment and then feel that he doesn’t care about you in the second moment. You can feel confused and wonder what is going on.

  • Says You’re Overreacting

Men that don’t handle their emotions often think that everyone else is overreacting. When he tells you that you are doing this, it can make you angry. This can happen because he has no emotional attachment to you because he has avoided this.

If your partner is getting defensive when you tell him that you are upset, he might just be hiding his real feelings and emotions.

  • Hiding Places

When you are in an emotional relationship with someone, they will be open but someone that isn’t will often hide when you try to open them up. They want to bury their feelings and they don’t want to have to hold on to emotions that you give them.

  • He Doesn’t Realize His Problem

A man that is emotionally unavailable probably doesn’t even realize that he is this way. He might think that you are too emotional, and he might not even realize that he never opens up to you.

  • Does He Miss You?

An emotionally unavailable man can miss you, but they might not be able to really tell you this. If you are going through a hard time in your relationship and you need to know if he really misses you or not, here are some signs that he does.

  • He Lets You In

An emotionally unavailable person has a hard time letting people in his life. If he is letting you meet his family, friends and calling or texting you all the time, this can mean he misses you even if he isn’t ready to show his emotions yet.

  • Helps You

Even if he doesn’t open up to you, if he helps you in other ways, he likes you and misses you. Maybe he helps you with your school work or he brings groceries when you are sick. He is finding ways to show you that he cares.

  • Tries to Change

Sometimes it takes a lifetime for people to change. If your partner is trying to change for you then chances are that he cares about you.

  • Vulnerability

Emotionally unavailable people don’t open up to hardly anyone because they fear things like rejection. If he is being vulnerable with you and showing you a different side than you are used to, he probably misses and loves you.

  • Calls and Texts

Making an effort for someone that is emotionally unavailable can be as simple as making time to text you and call you. He is just trying to find out what is going on in your life which means that he is thinking about you and probably misses you.

Will He Know He Lost You?

If you leave this guy, you will wonder if he ever realized that he lost you. The truth is, he will be emotionally detached, and he might not even realize that he misses you.

You will want him to come back to you and one day he might but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you just have to move on and find another relationship and if not then you need to let him realize he misses you and wait for him to come back.

Connecting with Emotionally Unavailable People

There are things that you can do to connect with people that are emotionally unavailable such as:

  • Being Patient

You have to be patient and not put so much emphasis on time. You need to just keep supporting him, talking to him, and caring about him and eventually he might open up to you.

  • Let Him Trust You

Another thing that you need to do with this kind of guy is to let him learn to trust you. This can take time, but you can slowly build your trust with him.

  • Know What He Deals With

Take time to figure out what he is dealing with and why he is the way that he is. Let him trust you to tell you things in his life that happened and then after he does, don’t make him feel defensive over it.