Aragonite, The Great Healer of Earth


The crystal, Aragonite is one that is full of energies. It is a stone that can make you feel stronger in your spiritual self, and it can work with your physical body to help balance the energies and to help to bring healing and restoration.

It has strong balancing traits and no matter what the goals that you have in front of you are, this stone can help you to reach them.

Properties of the Crystal, Aragonite

Aragonite is a crystal that gets confused with crystal calcite because they are both made of calcium carbonate. The difference between the two of them is how they are formed and the structures that they each take on.

Aragonite has three oxygen molecules that form in a triangular formation around the carbon molecule. This means that it has a different structure than calcite that has just two oxygen molecules.

The way that Aragonite is made shows perfect structure and harmony which represents divinity and perfection.

When the two triangles are pointing up and one is pointing down, this is called the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David and is seen as a five-pointed star or a pentagram which represents the five elements of water, ethos, spirit, air, and fire.

This stone has strong energy, and it works in perfect harmony with the earth energies which gives it strong energy and balance. When using this around your own energies, it can help to open up your chakras. This will allow you to feel strong and grounded.

Why the Earth Healer?

There are strong effects that this crystal has on the earth. When using it regularly, you can find that this stone helps to balance energies around you. You can use this stone in your garden and put it around the soil when you decide to plant.

This crystal can also be found in the ocean such as at coral reefs and other areas that help to balance the environment around you.

Using Aragonite

This stone is one that should come into your instincts when you want to take care of the world around you. You should never use this stone when you are an empath and dealing with strong emotions because it can turn the empath’s centers on and cause them to get burnt out in their gift.

Using this can make you feel calm and can help you to go deeper with the world around you and so the best time to use this stone is when you feel sad, or you are judging yourself because of the bad things that are happening to the world around you such as:

  • Global warming.
  • Climate changes.
  • Waste.
  • Over-consumption.

This stone will help you to understand balance and to balance your own energy with the earths energies.

Using Aragonite for Intuition

Another great thing that this stone can do for you on your spiritual journey is to help you with your intuition. Don’t play with the energies around you, especially if you are doing work, but see things separate. This stone can help to increase your intuition and you can use it while you are meditating.

The best way to use this stone is to hold it while you are in a quiet place, and you are listening to get a message from the universe. Receive the information and take active steps to heal the world around you.

Volunteer your time in the community, donate to environmental causes and host your own events to make the area clean and strong.

As you participate in the world around you, you can clear your mind, body and soul and you can see that this crystal can help to connect you to the earth even more.