Why Karma is Important


Karma is based around the Buddhist religion and is what helps to control your health, life, and your character. Buddhism is based around the idea that everything that happens in your life happens because of karma.

In some teachings, Buddha showed that what a person feels or what a person does is based on past karma and that this can be changes that happen throughout their life.

Karma is something that not everyone believes in and there are some people that think it means something different than what the Buddhist religion believes. Some believe that it is like a justice system that says that we suffer when we do bad things and that we celebrate when we do good things. Even the things that cannot be remembered are subject to karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action.” And this is also a word that means intentions. There are two things that have to do with action and karma including:

• Behavior.
• Intentions.


According to karma, there are six different intentions that can come. These are behaviors that accompany an action that a person would do:

• Kindness.
• Compassion.
• Being generous.
• Anger.
• Cruel.
• Greediness.

The first of the three things are ones that are helpful and the other three are hurtful. Some are good and some are bad and when you do the ones that are not good, you suffer and the relationships and actions that you have will work around this.

These behaviors come in speech and intentions. If you say, “Don’t move,” because you are trying to stop someone from getting into traffic, this is positive while saying, “don’t move,” because you are going to stab someone if they move is negative.

This also works with your thoughts. When you think about someone badly, this is not showing compassion that you should show for everyone.

Forming Character

Karma is part of what helps you develop who you are. You can do actions that are intentional that are both good and bad. When you look at Buddhism, you will see that a person that thinks about things in his mind might have good or negative thoughts.

Inclination is the intentions that a person has that has to do with negativity. This means that they will act wrongly in the future instead of being kind like they should be. People have to learn to be kind and with kindness comes other things such as being compassionate and giving to others.

We form who we are as we learn to be certain things in our life. The world around us can help us to be positive or help us to be negative. Some will be compassionate and kind while others will be cruel and greedy.

As you learn to figure out who you are, you have to reflect on the actions that you do and be mindful of what you do and how you react. Don’t be impulsive and learn to intend on doing good things. Be a person that is kind, compassionate and giving to others and you will see that karma plays in your favor.