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Signs the Law of Attraction Works for You

Signs the Law of Attraction Works for You

The universe is on your side and actively helping us at each turn. We know this because of soulful indicators or signs that demonstrate the Law of Attraction is in fact working and can deliver your desires. Below is a list of those signs that you can watch for in your own life.

Repeating Numbers

If you see repeating numbers without actually looking for them, it is a sign that the Law of Attraction is at work. Things like always seeing the clock at the same time, as if something told you to look is a sign. These are angel numbers that are allowing you to know your wishes and path are going in the right direction. In particular, seeing 111 is a powerful form of communication between the universe and you. When you see these repeated numbers, show gratitude to the universe for what has and is to come. These numbers can come from anywhere, like a clock, license plate, or receipt or all different forms. Other repeated numbers to watch for are 444 and 777 as they show you are surrounded by the angels and your ultimate wish is in the works.

Spirit Guide Appearance

This can be an intense and personal experience that is different for each person. If you start to see you spirit guides more often or are newly introduced to them, it is a sign your intentions are coming to pass. As our vibrations go higher, your spirit guide will show you that you are on the right track. This often comes as part of dream work as the next steps are revealed before they manifest. The dreams can be abstract and vivid, but are often fleeting, so keep a dream journal handy to record things from the night before as soon as you awake.

Strong Intuition

As your connection to the universe deepens, you r sense of intuition will increase exponentially. You may predict or feel an important call about to come in or know what to do in a novel situation. You may instantly pick up on bad vibes from someone, even though you have never met them, but know to keep your distance. Trust this gift because it is part of the higher self and not something we fully understand. Not everyone has this type of intuition, so if you do, then trust it.


As more good things seem to enter your life, you will notice a pattern start to form. You may see more repeated number patterns and then things you wish for appear or wonder how you will afford something and an email shows up offering a deep discount for what you needed. It could be something smaller like someone offering a free hot chocolate on a cold day, but these are all signs the Law of Attraction is working for you. The wins will not always be huge, but they are still wins. At the same time, you may also see obstacles cropping up and this is the universe testing you to make sure you are spiritually mature. This is making sure you are ready for the good things to come.

Feel an Energy ‘Buzz’

There is a certain feeling you get when you receive good news and it involves a rush of adrenaline or butterflies exploding from inside. When you have this feeling without any good news, it means that you are manifesting something that you want, but it has not yet arrived. It is yours, just be patient. You may just feel happier than normal without a real reason, this is a sign the universe is bringing you a gift and it will be incredible.

You Can Almost Grasp It

If you get the gut feeling that what you asked for is soon to arrive, maybe feeling a little nervous excitement and being unable to sit still, then you are becoming more confident in your ability to manifest. As you become more comfortable, your nervousness will fade because you will know how to manifest and follow your inner guidance to release attachment to the outcome. You will instinctively know when you have sent out the right amount of energy because the attraction will feel natural and easy. You will know it is guaranteed to come in time.

Good Things Naturally Come Your Way

When your energy has aligned with your desires and you are vibrating on higher frequencies, then good things will seem to naturally flow to you. This may offer a much desired relief in your life so keep doing what you are doing. Even if it is just small things at first, it is a start to bigger things. The universe must make sure you are ready before offering the big things. Be grateful for all you receive, big and small.

Open to Change, but Less in Control

Learning to go with the flow and accept what comes is a sign of spiritual growth. When we put up walls and become flustered then we are telling the universe we are not ready to move to a higher plane so we will continue to face the same lesson. Ask the universe what you are supposed to learn and accept that lesson because only then can you move on. This creates an openness to change, even though you are turning control over to the universe. This can be scary at times, but it will be worth it.

Feel More Positive Energy

If your days are light, happy, and filled with excitement even though nothing major is planned or if you are easily able to release old habits, then you are increasing your vibration and connecting to the universe. This means less worry and more positivity as you understand the universe is trying to teach and guide you onto your most fulfilling path.

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