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Psychic Life

Psychic Life

Trance states are important if you want to increase and develop your psychic giftings. Going into a trance state can sound hard or scary but it is a simple and easy task.

When you go into a trance state, this means that you are relaxed and that you are in a place that is calm and focused. You can go into different kinds of trance states depending on how relaxed you are, and these can be deep or very light.

When you are going somewhere and you are driving or sitting around, chances are you are in a very light trance state. When you are sleeping though, you become in a deep trance state and the same can happen when you are meditating on something.

When you meditate, you become focused on something to the point where you do not know what time it is or what is going on around you. This is what a trance state feels like.

If you are a psychic or you do any type of psychic work, you need to understand the trance state. You need to learn to recognize the different levels and how they feel.


The fastest way to get into a trance state is by doing breathing exercises. One breathing exercise is called the 4 by 4 breathing. You take time to breathe inside for four different counts and then hold your breath for four counts and then let it out for four counts.

When you do this breathing you only do it a couple times at most. You can do this before you meditate so that you can concentrate more on what you are focusing on.

Make sure that you breathe in the diaphragm and not in the lungs and make sure your breathing is deep.


Another way to reach a trance state is by breathing or chanting. You can make different sounds so that you can calm your mind and your body.

One popular chant is the “om” chant, and this is where you say that over and over again. You can do this while you meditate, and you can try to go high and low with the notes.

Take time to hum until you are feeling good. When you do this, see if you feel a feeling around your face or nose. The more you do it the more vibrations you will feel, and this can help you reach the state you want to be in. Do this each day for a few minutes before you meditate.


Use drum circles to get into a trance state. You can start your own drum circle, or you can find one. Listen to someone drumming and music when you are meditating because it can help you to focus and relax.

Take time to listen to the rhythm and then focus on the sounds around you. When you do this, you can get into a trance state faster.


A trance state is important when you are wanting to concentrate more and open yourself up to the spirit world. Use the techniques above to get into a deeper trance state and to bring more happiness in your life.

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