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Psychic Animal Communication 101

Psychic Animal Communication 101Animals are psychic, or intuitive, as are humans. Animals seem to know which other animals to befriend or avoid based in instinct. Dogs can sense a seizure in advance and cats know the moods of their owners. We can learn a great deal from animals in this area.

Seizure dogs are trained to lie on a person when a seizure begins and then go seek help, though no one quite knows how they sense the onset of such an ailment. Research has shown that dogs know in advance that their humans will soon be home. At one point, when the famous conservationist passed away, wild elephants walked miles to pay tribute.

Since animals already have this ability, humans can also communicate with them psychically. This is done through telepathy as your souls connect. There are even psychics who focus only on animal communication.

Humans can learn to ‘talk’ to their animals psychically whether across the room, the state, or passed on. Our pets are already communicating with us, so we should return the favor.

TO build up this psychic connection, there are a few things that can be done:

Identify personal psychic type – Knowing how you hear, psychically speaking, is important to understand to help with communication. Some people hear a voice in their head while others just sense something or see it. This has to do with the chakras.

Meditate – Meditation allows us to quiet the ego and clear the mind so psychic information can enter.

Say “Hello” – Though it seems simple, open up the dialogue by saying “hello” to your pet to let them know you are listening.

Be patient – Communication may not happen the first time or every time. Do not force the issue, but remain receptive. Simply observe and practice so communication can grow over time. Eye contact is not necessary and may intimidate dogs. If an animal is used to communicating with your higher self, they may hesitate to communicate with the ego.

Journal – Journaling with the soul of your animal can build the telepathic bond and build the 5th chakra so their voice is easier to hear.

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