Doing Shadow Work to Make Your Life Real

Doing Shadow Work to Make Your Life Real

We all have a shadow part, and this does not mean you are evil. We all have hidden parts of us that we want to light up and that is what makes us human.

The shadow self was first described by Carl Jung, and he described it as parts of ourselves that we don’t want others to see and parts that we see as evil or bad. These are the things that we are ashamed of.

Everyone has a shadow self, and this is not evil. This is the dark side of us that helps us to see the good parts in our lives and how important they are. The dark parts make us human just like the light parts and doing shadow work helps you to grow and to figure out who you are.

We have all had pain and hurt because of the shadow side of our lives. This happens when we hide these parts of ourselves, but they still control us. Some of us have learned to take this pain and to bring light to it and to balance our life. When we feel that we are free from our hidden self, we can learn to face the fear and anger that comes to us, and we can live our best life.

If you want to do shadow work, here are some ways to do it:

  • Know your shadow. You have to see what things in your life that you have hidden and denied and face them. If you have a pattern that you keep repeating, notice it. Pay attention to your shadow self and to the traits that you feel are bad. When you do this, get rid of that quality, and experience it.
  • The things that you do accidently are the baggage’s that you hold on to. This can be different patterns that you are ignoring, and they need to be balanced.
  • Look at what you have in your baggage and find out how you can fix it without hiding it. Do not let the world leave you fearful and make changes that you want to do better.
  • Be patient with yourself and find that there are no fast ways to fix yourself. Work through the layers in your life and find ways to fix yourself.
  • Open up to the emotions that you have and do not let your shadow hold you back. Start letting things go that do not make your life better.
  • Stop judging yourself and being rude to yourself. Love who you are by evaluating your dark side and letting the emotions go that rule you.
  • Take risks that you want to take because always being comfortable isn’t the best idea. Learn to have more skills and to work harder to balance your life.

When you do shadow work you can take the bad emotions that you have and turn them into something good in your life. You can set boundaries and let your heart get what it wants. You can turn sadness into joy and compassion for others. You can turn fear into being able to handle situations.

You might find that during this time of looking inward that you need more help. You might need to work on things such as fear or jealousy and you might have to figure out how to balance your life because of the intensity of the situation. Shadow work can be hard.

Have faith in your life and set your intentions to be good. You will want to change, and you will be motivated to let growth be a part of your life.