Can You Still Control Your Life If A Psychic Can Predict Your Destiny?


       The are a lot of times you may call into PsychicOz and ask an advisor about the future. Perhaps you’re selling a home, reconciling with a loved one or seeking romance in your life. Now, when we tell you your future, you may ask the following questions: Does this have to happen? Or will this happen no matter what I do? The simple answer is…  No. 

An Ocean of Opportunities
Unlike the common belief, destiny is not a road, but rather it is an ocean of millions of opportunities. When this ocean crashes into the landscape of your life it divides into many streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. You are in charge of which river you would like to swim down and our duty to you is to tell you where the river you’re on leads. In addition, there will be pitfalls, joys and opportunities to escape from this river and move to another more fulfilling or full of joy.

Yes, You Can Control your Destiny
It might not always be easy, but you can swim up the stream despite the difficulties. We can help give you guidance about what to look for, who to lean on and what to educate yourself about. Sometimes you may want to limit the confusion you feel and get direct answers about what will happen.
When these answers are something you do not like, always feel free to ask us what you can do to change them. We are excited and fulfilled to give these answers. That is our river. Always feel free to come aboard and we can navigate the waters of life together.