Divine Gift: Food For Healing and Wisdom


    There would always be a numerous articles about watching what we eat and how to stay on our diet during the holiday season. But have we ever considered the amount and kind of food we take in constantly through our sense receptors?  

We need to be very careful what food we take in through our eyes, ears, and nose, and what is ingested through what we touch and what touches us.

Whatever we take in through all our senses and gather from the external world ultimately flows into our intellect and our mind, where it is finally chewed and processed. We must be very careful what we ingest. These “foods” decide the fate of our lives; it does not matter whether we are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, or eat fat, sugar or the latest trend diet.

The Unseen Vibration of the Food We Consume

What material food we eat is not the true decider. The true decider is what kind of vibrational “food” we are eating, chewing, interpreting, and translating in our minds. From a vibrational point of view, what is most important is what is continually coming to us through our senses that we accept in our mind as the ultimate truth.

Are we looking at it from a higher perspective or from a lower perspective? Whatever we hear, see, smell or touch comes to our mind with a completely different interpretation compared to other people who might be sitting in the same space.

When we participate in any conversation that is negative and frightening, we are fueling the fire of negativity through our ears and eyes and ultimately the energy given through our mind. Likewise, our positive inner conversation can ripple over from our mind to the environment and invariably reach the eyes and ears of those who are in our own frequency level of loving and healing thoughts.

120821084205-healthy-food-tight-budget-grocery-store-super-teaseWe Can Collectively Change and Heal the World

We need to use our thoughts, speech, and smile to heal the world. It is the need of the hour! We have collectively done enough damage through our mindless talks and wrong emotional patterns. Let us heal each other!

Therefore, if we can gradually become more alert to the “food” we ingest through our senses, we can create a unique space in the mind. Then, the mind would be very free from unwanted clutter and unwanted situations. We can now confront troubles with more positive vibrations. If there are fewer environments inside of us that attract the negative, then we do not activate the negative inside of us anymore.

Transforming What We Consume into a Divine Gift

If our inner environeatment or climate is beautiful and peaceful then when a very difficult situation comes to us through our eyes or ears, we can look at it with our witnessing self. We can observe it, and become detached from it. Then we don’t become overly judgmental as if we are the ultimate judge who decides what is right or wrong.

Our interior world decides what our exterior world will be. If our world inside transforms gradually with daily practice of mindfulness, it will gradually change into a beautiful space. Life will be a celebration! Life will be completely different; something that is purely a Divine Gift, nothing but a Divine Gift to all of us.