Sunday , May 28 2023

Psychic Advice and Insights

Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition

With the onset of the internet and rapidly advancing technology, human beings live in a fear-based culture that obsesses with trying to control their lives, and most often, the lives of others.   People are terrified of uncertainty and as a result are constantly anticipating that things could go wrong any …

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Achieving Your Dreams

Can you say to yourself that your life is an exciting and fulfilling one? What are the chances that your career, tasks and commitments are holding you back from finding adventure at every turn? Does it feels like a routine? You wake up, prepare to go to the office, you …

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Need a Stress Free Vacation?

I once heard George Carlin the comic address the point of vacations, and how individuals handle their “stuff.” People more often than not take a little variant of their stuff on furlough and successively little adaptations to their inn room, or to the shoreline and so on. He was insane; …

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The Advantages of Psychic Readings By Phone

Psychic Readings By Phone

Before, psychic readers do their sessions face to face. It is normally done at a psychic’s stall or at home. Oftentimes, it can be a lot of hassle to the client. Nowadays, getting a professional psychic reading no longer requires traveling to the reader. The psychic has entered the digital …

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5 Ways to Get Lucky

Get more luck in your life Ever feel as though some people have more luck than you? Inject your life with some much needed good fortune. With the aid of positive thinking you can turn that frown upside down, start living your life to its full potential and achieve your …

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3 Thought Practices to Happiness

What are you thinking about?  If you can go a week without a negative thought, then I applaud you.  Most of us, no matter how positive we try to be or portray ourselves, are plagued by a negative thought at one time or another.  This is normal; however, it can …

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6 Steps to Cleanse Your Karma

Have you ever stepped into a room that felt peculiar? Have you ever placed your hands on an object that just didn’t feel right? Have you ever found yourself in a foul mood for no reason? Sounds to me like you need some spiritual cleansing and protection!! You need to …

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Change Your Mantra, Change Your Life

It’s part of human nature to talk to ourselves. The key is to discover what we are saying and figure out if the message is right. When we change from a negative message to an empowering one, we can alter the course of our lives. For me, I know I’m …

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What is I Ching and it’s History

The I Ching itself began life as the Chou I, or Changes of Chou. It was the oracle of the Chou people, which they brought together at the time when they were working to overthrow the corrupt Shang dynasty. Brilliant research by Steve Marshall (published in The Mandate of Heaven) has …

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How to Find Your Personal Path to Success

Finding your perfect job, career and life may be easier said than done, but with strong commitment, focus and effort it is possible. Luckily, your return on investment should far outweigh the toil. What would you give to have your perfect job, career, and life? People who are happiest and …

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