You Have A Magical Psychic Ability


         Psychics are so intriguing, magical and in all sort of way… different. In every sense of the word, they are alchemists because they seem to have the ability to turn negative situations into positive ones…if they like to and that’s what the world seems to think. The truth is, that psychics are no different than you or I. In fact, you could be psychic yourself! Everyone has the power to unleash the magic within them. Read on to learn how.

  • Become a Great Cognitive Thinker

The reason why psychics appear so magical is the rate at which they are able to provide answers to seemingly complex issues. This is because most great psychics possess excellent cognitive abilities, which is when you connect emotions with thought process. They can look at any situation; pick out the details, while asking the correct questions and focusing on the facts.

  • Meditate Daily

People tend to roll their eyes at the thought of meditation, but this will be one of greatest tools you have to help you unlock your magical abilities. Meditation allows you to calm the “monkey mind,” also known as the constant mind chatter that is going on inside of your head. The more you meditate, the stronger your psychic ability will become guaranteed.

  • Play Guessing Games

There are all sorts of psychic game exercises available online. But you don’t have to rely solely on technology. Pick up a magazine, and try to guess what’s on the very last page of the magazine before flipping it over.  Learn to pick up on images and words that you are sensing. As you do this exercise more, you’ll develop a greater sense of psychic ability.

  • Talk to Your Higher Self

Part of becoming magical is the art of learning to trust yourself. True alchemists KNOW that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to. You must also feel the same about your psychic ability. Stop second-guessing those little hunches; learn to act on the guidance your higher self gives you.  With each successful hit, you’ll gain greater confidence in your psychic ability.

  • Learn to Visualize

Magicians are no different than those who practice the law of attraction. Psychics are the ultimate manifesters because they see visions in their mind all the time. However, visualizing is not something that happens naturally for everyone. Spend a few minutes a day, visualizing, in as much detail, something that you’d like to manifest. Doing this practice every single day will get you in the habit of seeing images clearly in your mind.

  • Balance Your Chakras

Our bodies are comprised of seven main chakras. Each of those chakras governs different areas of your life. If any of your chakras are blocked, it can greatly inhibit your ability to be successful in that area. For instance, the third eye and crown chakra represent your psychic ability. So make it a point to clear out each of those chakras daily with mediation.

  • Become More Empathetic

Usually those who are sensitive are seen as weaker. But the more empathetic you become, the more your psychic ability will expand. Check in with yourself from time to time, and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Being in tune with your emotions throughout the day will help you when you are trying to tune in to the emotions of others.

  • Get Creative

Art is not just for kids. It actually has the power to heal, while helping you stay grounded. If you want to become more magical than you’ve ever been before, then make it a habit to indulge in a bit of creativity throughout the week. You can paint, sing, dance, or do whatever your heart desires. Art is directly connected to spirituality. So you can bet that as you stretch your artistic muscles, your psychic muscles will get stronger also.

  • Indulge In Your Senses

Psychic ability is not just about what you see. Many psychics use all 5 of their senses- taste, touch, sound, eyesight and smell. To get connected to your senses, you just need to be aware of everything happening around you. What do you smell? What do you see? What sounds do you hear? Honing in on these details will allow you to grow more as a psychic.

  • Stick Firm With Your Beliefs

Psychics must be confident about the information they are giving out to their clients, or else they will never keep them. People love confidence. To unlock your psychic abilities, have integrity and know what it is that you will and won’t stand for. Once you’ve set guidelines for yourself, stick to them. No one likes a wishy-washy person.

Being magical isn’t as hard as one thinks. All it takes is a bit of practice, passion and the knowing that the magic is already inside of you.