What To Do During Your ‘Me’ Time


      There are so many wonderful opportunities to spend time with family and reconnect with loved ones with so many parties and activities on the calendar, however, this season can quickly become busy and overwhelming. Rather than letting your self-care routines slide, set aside a few minutes for yourself during this busy time. This holiday season, give yourself some much needed “you time” with these six suggestions.

Stick to a Morning Routine

Whether your week includes festive lunches, neighborhood holiday events, or after-work gift shopping, it’s easy for each day to feel more hectic than the last. If you start your day with intention, however, you can remain both calm and present, even in the face of chaos. Begin each day with a morning routine that includes low lighting, relaxing scents, a hot cup of tea or coffee, and a few moments to center yourself.

Keep a Written Journal

When you’re pressed for time, you’re liable to react quickly and make snap judgments instead of thinking through things carefully. Keep your feelings in check during this high-stress time by making note of your thoughts. Starting a written journal is a smart way to keep yourself accountable without putting your thoughts online for everyone to read. If you prefer to talk it out, a psychic chat gives you the opportunity to voice what’s on your mind.

Focus on Meaningful Giving

If you have a big family, a large group of friends, or a supportive faith community, you might be tempted to make your gift-giving list as long as possible. While this is certainly the season for presents, keep in mind that considerate gifts make much more of an impact than meaningless ones do. Rather than handing out expensive presents, opt for homemade yet thoughtful gifts. Consider gifting your time or an experience instead of yet another item.

Make a Spending Plan for the Holidays

No matter if you’re on a limited budget or you have a little extra to spare, the holiday season can get expensive quickly. That’s why creating a spending plan is essential. Do this before the season starts so you can account for presents, parties, and events in advance. If you know what to expect ahead of time, you won’t have to make one agonizing decision after another.

Enjoy a Healthy Diet

With endless parties, get-togethers, and events, the holiday season can seem like one extended buffet. Rather than overindulging and compromising your health, make an eating plan and stick to it. Try eating nutritious meals before going to holiday parties so you can stay healthy and feel good during the festive season and beyond.

Always Look for the Bright Side

As any tarot reading can tell you, the future holds both positive and negative aspects. During the holiday season, make a point of focusing on the bright side of every situation. Not only will you lower your own stress level, but you could also improve the mood of your family and friends at the same time.

The holidays can be a joyous time of year, but they can also cause distress without adequate self-care routines in place. Set aside some “you time” every day and enjoy the festive season to the fullest.