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Why Am I Here?

  There will come a time that you’ll end asking yourself “Why am i here?” What is my purpose in life?” Firstly, I believe that there is a divine plan. This plan is fated and outlined for all of us. We just didn’t land here on this planet; I believe there’s a reason why we’re still here.

One of the biggest reasons for this, is to raise the earth’s consciousness; and to raise the consciousness of humanity. For some souls, it just being able to live the human experience for their own evolution and growth. For some others still, the life purpose is one of invention, discovery, teaching. These are just a few things that spring to mind, be assured that there are many more.

Soul Mission:

Each of us has a unique soul mission to complete during this lifetime, by activating our inner talents and gifts to bringing them to the world and be of service.  Apart from growing, giving and celebrating You, the time has now come to remove your own inner filters. To allow whatever your life purpose is, to emerge and express itself through you. I believe that this is the soul contract that we have chosen to fulfil during this life time, given by the Source.

Where does it come?

There’s inner broadcast waiting to come through and express. This is the highest expression of you, the universal intelligence. Have you ever experienced that deep stirring or knowingness from within, that something is missing from life? You feel that you are destined for bigger and better things, but you can’t always put your finger on it.

That is the bigger vision, The truth and the unfolding of your soul essence. Energy activation and energy shifts will become more frequent and the old paradigms will dissolve and fall away.

Connecting to your Life Purpose:

Step back and stop trying to figure what the life purpose is, on your own. This can just tie yourself up in knots, only confusing you as to what the true purpose may be.

The key to unlocking your purpose can be experienced through life passions. These are the passions that drive and inspire us, consequently elevating you to new great heights of recognising your true divine uniqueness.

Start taking steps. Start connecting through your heart chakra, rather than through your head, thereby allowing inspiration to become a divine download.

It keeps you joyful, focused and motivated on the steps to fulfilling your purpose.

What difference do I want to make before I leave?

If you’re not currently aligned or awakened to your life’s purpose, you may also find that you are questioning the feeling that something is missing.

Your soul will keep searching and therefore in your life, you may well experience lack and longing.

Life purpose is not just limited to one particular thing; other things can of course be interwoven into the fabric of life.

You often heard of people going through a radical transformation as a result of becoming fully aligned to their true soul purpose. Leaving jobs, relationships and thereafter living a totally different life. Listen to your inner calling, follow your intuition. The universal intelligence will continuously show and give you insight to follow.

What must I become for the vision to manifest consciousness for my divine purpose to emerge?

The vision is always speaking and pulling you in the direction of your life’s purpose.

When you are battling, not enjoying life, spending moments doing things you dislike, do therefore listen to your inner voice. Slowly realize what it is that you WANT to be doing, what you think you are MEANT to be doing. Then make small steps to achieve your desires.

In conclusion; Go forth, shine, radiate your magnificence and make that difference in the world!

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