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Being in Relationship for the Money

Being in Relationship for the Money

Guys date girls that they aren’t that into for many different reasons.  One reason is that he could be lonely where another reason is that he just wants to have sex with her.  He might be trying to get over someone else that he was with but the most common reason that a guy wants to be with a girl that he is not that into is for money.

The term “gold digger” is a term that people usually use when they are talking about a woman that dates a guy that has a lot of money.  Even though most of the time this describes a woman, this can also describe a man.  If a guy is having troubles with their finances at the time, chances are he might turn to a lady to help support him.

Most of the time, a woman doesn’t realize that a man is wanting to date her for her money.  She might think that there are other reasons that they are together but here are some signs that can give you a red flag.  Pay attention so that you know what to look for.

Money Questions

If you are with a guy that is always asking you about money, then chances are that something is going on there.  It is normal to talk about money but if you have just started dating someone and they are asking you about your money business, then this is not normal.

When a guy wants to know how you invest your money, what kind of salary that you get or how much money that you have in the bank, then the truth is that he is asking questions that he should not be asking.

A guy that you just started dating has no right to be asking you questions about your money and if you are not sure about his intentions then you need to be careful what you answer.

Paying for Things

When you go out with a guy, you should not pay for everything.  Even if you are the one that always seems to be paying, you should stop this when you go out on dates.  If the guy is always expecting you to pay, you should speak up and find out why.  He needs to pay for as many activities that you are paying for, this is only fair.

Expensive Taste

If you go out to eat a lot or you eat in a lot of expensive restaurants and he is always having you pay during these outings, chances are that he is out for your money.

Pay attention to Christmas time and the luxuries that he is wanting when you are making the purchases.  If he orders champagne or expensive alcohol, then he might be using your money to fund his expensive lifestyle.

His Finances

Does your guy always ask you how much money you make or want to talk about how much money you have saved but if you bring it up, he seems to go cold turkey?  It might be weird to talk about money but never have a clue how much money he brings in or where his money comes from.  If he seems that he never has enough money, this should be a red flag for you.


When there is not a strong connection or if you wonder constantly why he is dating you, find out if he is interested.  If it seems like you are the only one with feelings, then the possible answer is that he is with you just for your money.

If you are not sure if your man has good intentions with you then always be sure to listen to your gut feelings and find out what you know.  Ask a friend or family member what their opinion is and don’t be afraid to cut a man off if he is using you for your money.  This type of person is not worth your time or energy.

If you feel that your man is only dating you for your money then you should move on or you should go to a psychic that is good at love readings and find out if you are compatible.  A good psychic can help you to make wise decisions on your partner and help you to know if you should love them or leave them.

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