When You Are Ignoring Your Intuition

Ignoring Your Intuition

Are you someone that has a hard time trusting your intuition and when you don’t, you end up making mistakes? This is something people often ask about when talking about intuition.

Maybe your life is going really good or your business but you aren’t settled or maybe you aren’t sleeping good and your relationships and your body were suffering. Have you ever spent nights or weekends feeling like things in your life weren’t right?

We all think that success should feel good but what if you don’t feel successful? What if this is happening because you aren’t listening to your intuition and you are just taking on any opportunity that came along without thinking of it? What about if you haven’t made big changes in your life or what if you had and they were bad moves?

Maybe you need to take a minute and really look at your life. When things seem to be falling apart, you need to look at your life and your intuition and see if you are really following your heart. Maybe instead of listening, you were just pretending that you already knew the truth.

You must learn to walk away from these feelings and thoughts if you want to be successful. You have to find your success in actually listening to what your intuition says.

Once you do this, your life will feel successful, and you will see that your intuition ill helps you through hard times.

Here are some signs you aren’t listening to your intuition:

Your Stomach Yells at You

You will know that you aren’t listening to your intuition when you have problems or sickness in your gut. If you have a question and you make a decision and your stomach is aching, it is probably because you aren’t listening.

Acting Like Things are Perfect

We know when things are going well and when we are faking it. We know when life is hard and when we are full of anxiety. When people ask you how things are, be honest.

Sleep and Health are Suffering

The more you ignore your intuition, the worse your body will feel. You will not sleep, you will start to get stressed, and you probably will gain weight. You will feel horrible.

When you listen to your intuition, you will see that your overall wellness will get better. Focus on the things in your life that you need to change and start doing them. If you need to get healthy, start eating right.


If one or more areas of your life seem to be unbalanced, figure out why and align it with what your intuition is telling you.

Look at things in your life that would make you feel successful and work on those things.

You Feel Odd in Public

If you have people in your life that do not have the same thoughts or values that you do, chances are you are with the wrong people. Listen to what your gut is telling you.

Find people in your life that will help you to better your life and will impact you in a positive way.


As you learn to listen to your intuition, you need to be kind with yourself at first and realize it is a learning situation. You can learn to get rid of parts of your life that are toxic and the changes you make will help you to have a clear life and to align with your intuition.