What Does It Mean to Sight a Wasp?


The spirit world will often use animals and insects to help them to be messengers to the people that they are trying to reach. They will often use animals or insects that have wings so that they can fly between the physical and the spiritual world.

These creatures will come to the earth in order to give you a message and most of them are insects or animals that you cannot ignore. They are there to announce something to you and the symbol of the wasp is one of these messengers.

Symbol of the Wasp

The wasp is one that takes action. If you have an idea but you don’t make an action to make it happen, it won’t. You need to make a plan and then work hard to get the things that you are hoping for. You cannot just think about your goal, but you have to have a dream and a plan and then take action.

No matter what goals you have, whatever you desire can happen if you manifest it to yourself. You can look at the wasp and see that it can do whatever it wants, and it can make its dreams a reality because it works hard.

Have a goal and do a step-by-step movement to reach your goal and to get what you want in life. Understand the symbol of the wasp and strive to be that.

Wasp Sightings

Many shamans believe that the wasp is powerful like a warrior. This is an insect that has compassion and energy and will often be playful.

If you think of the wasp and you think of it as a powerful thing, it changes your idea of fear of being stung and makes you to see things differently.

They are a plant-based insect that does not want to sting you or be aggressive, but they react to people that swat and wave their arms at them. They don’t want to sting people, but they often have a reaction because of the people around them.

The wasp wants to have balance in its life, and it doesn’t want to have conflict. When you react to the wasp because you want to be in control, chances are that the wasp might sting you. But if it does, it is a way that you need to look at your power and stop trying to control other things and learn to respond correctly.

Wasp Dreams

If you dream of a wasp building a nest, then chances are that you want to be productive and get things done. You can do this by having a plan and taking action. If you need help, ask for it.

Find the resources that you have around you to make your dreams grow.

When you wake up and you have just dreamed that you were stung by a wasp, chances are that you have a past thought that you are afraid will come back to haunt you.

Killing a wasp in your dreams can mean you are a warrior and that you see yourself as fearless and strong. It means you can stand against things that come against you and you can make them go away.

Scary on the Outside

We cannot deny that a wasp looks scary on the outside and the thought of getting stung by one is not one that we want to face. Not only can that be painful, but it can also cause swelling.

When you see a wasp or you dream of one, know that you cannot be afraid but that the wasp is trying to get your attention. Let it know that you are ready to listen and pay attention to what it has to say.

If you dream of a wasp and you are confused by your dream, talk to a psychic, and see if they can help you to know what to do next.