What do you see in a palm reading?

palm reading

Have you ever pondered what information lies in the web of information that you have on the palm of your hands?  A gifted reader is very convincing and your life can be turned round by  one simple, yet accurate, reading.  A reader uses the lines in you hand and interprets the patterns. They can make predictions pertaining to just about every phase or your life.

Just as no two people are the same, no two hands are the same. Take a moment to look at your own palm. Notice all of the different features of your palm.  Think of all of the wonderful stories you have in your future.

What can a palm reading say to you?

The Heart Line

The line at the top of your hand, the one that runs across your palm is the heart line.  A palm reader can tell you about your relationships and why you are attracted to some people and why they are attracted to you.  It may also tell you about you and your emotional stability.

The Head Line

The line under the heat line tells the story about your intelligence. It can tell you about your communication skills and how you learn. It can also give you insight into your learning style.

 The Life Line

The line that runs from your thumb to your wrist tells you about your life, health and energy. It can also tell you about your vitality.

The Fate Line

This line is not very easy to locate as it can be faint. It usually extends from the bottom to the center of the palm. Don’t panic if you can’t locate it; your palm reader can tell you a bit more about it during their interpretation.

What are Mounts

Mounts can appear in up to six places in your palm.  They are named after some of the gods.  Their location will tell about your creativity, will, leadership skills and responsibility.

How can a palm reading affect your love life?

A reading will inspire you to examine your relationship no matter what its status. It may give you the strength to move on or help you get over a broken heart.  It may help you see why you are choosing the relationships you have.

Palm reading is just as important as any other type of psychic advising. It does take study and learning combined with natural talent. Not just anyone can do it.  It may be worth pursuing. Look at your own palm and see if you would like to try it out.