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Ways to Hone Your Intuition

Ways to Hone Your Intuition

You can never have enough intuition in your life!  Knowing that you can rely on that calm, grounding voice instead your head that will guide you wonderous opportunities and people in your life.  But how can you help grow its presence in your life?

Create a lasting relationship with your inner wisdom in variety of ways.  Think of your intuition like a muscle that require regular exercise to function optimally.  Meditate or jot down coincidences that happen to you throughout the day in journal.  You could also choose to have a dream journal on your nightstand for insight from your subconscious.  You could also simply feel how emotions present themselves in your body.  Every little action helps!

Understand that it will take time for your intuitive skills to develop.  Each person hones their talents on a unique timeline, so it not worth comparing yourself to anyone else’s pacing.  Make exploring spirituality and intuition a part of your daily activities.  There is an array of online posts, YouTube videos, books or podcasts out there for you to consume at your leisure.  However, it is important to also find the lessons in the quiet moments.  Insight you glean while out for a walk.  Sensing the mood of your friend and seeing how their story aligns with your preconceived thoughts.  Be willing to simply sit with yourself and observe your emotions and feelings.  All these activities will work to build your intuition in an impactful way.

Be learning to be comfortable with the silent stillness you can better understand how you relate to the world and next steps on your life’s journey.  It makes sense that we lose touch with our essence when we become caught up in other people’s drama or choose escapist behaviors.  Only when we can tune the external world out, can we really tune in to our and the Universal wisdoms.  Finding ways to disconnect in a healthy way is a necessity for our overall wellbeing.  We need the space to discover and fulfill our potential, as well as learn how to avoid those toxic traps we keep falling into or chasing illusions.  Although this is counterproductive to the narrative that society tells us, you will gain new insights and peace that will take you to lofty heights.  Be brave and go explore your inner essence.  When you escape the rat race and connect with yourself fully, your gifts of intuition will find you.

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