Understanding Lightworkers

Understanding Lightworkers

The term lightworker has become more popular recently, but what exactly this refers to can be confusing. Read on to learn more about lightworkers and what they do in this life.

If you read anything online or in print that is centered on spirituality or expanding the consciousness then you have likely seen the term lightworker. No matter how many references are made, you may still not be sure how to identify one nor what they do. While there is no science backed research or evidence that can say what a lightworker is, more people seem to be discovering these driven souls.

The term lightworker was actually coined by an author named Michael Mirdad. The simplest way to describe these individuals is as beings that feel an extreme pull toward helping others. Some call these individuals indigos, Earth angels, crystal babies, or star seeds, but they are spiritual beings that are committed to serving humanity, regardless of title. As early as childhood, lightworkers tend to feel greater kindness and compassion to others. They are likely to have rescued several animals and other living things even from a young age. They tend to be sensitive, feeling the misery that lives in the world around them strongly. Lightworkers tend to choose professions in which their empathy can assist those in need. They may be nurses, therapists, vets, teachers, or in other helping professions.

Lightworkers are driven by their intuition and can typically perceive the needs of others without words. This allows the lightworker to direct healing powers toward those who need it and chase away negative consciousness with their healing powers. Not all lightworkers will realize their spiritual calling early on.  Some may only have a sense of it, but must go through a time of discovery and self-realization. Lightworkers face the same obstacles as all of us, but as they turn to their inner light then their purpose is realized. This process can take years.

Knowing You are a Lightworker

If you have read about lightworkers and wondered if you could be one, you can only know for sure through intensive introspection. Lightworkers are driven by a desire to serve those who are in need and they have intuition that guides them to sense emotions and energy shifts for those who need help. Lightworkers feel connected with all things living, but also isolated from others because they view the world differently. If these traits resonate with you, perhaps you are a lightworker.

Types of Lightworkers

Lightworkers can possess abilities and strengths in several service areas. Tuning into what draws you can help you find your unique gifts and which type of lightworker you may be. The lightworker types are identified below to help you determine where your calling may lie.

  • Spiritual Guides/Healers – This type of lightworker is driven to serving living beings through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. They are often receptive to emotions and feelings of others and can often alleviate pain and hurt within minutes of meeting a person or animal. This lightworker, due to sensitivity to pain and emotion, can leave them fatigues or overwhelmed. It requires conscious moderation to keep this tendency at bay. Professionals like doctors, nurses, and psychologists may be in this category.
  • Seers/Psychics – Using their naturally elevated intuitive powers and awareness, lightworkers can sometimes develop the ability to see beyond the material illusion and form. They can predict future events and stimulate positive outcomes with the goal of promoting peace and harmony.
  • Gatekeeping/Gridworking – Gridworkers and gatekeepers are advanced lightworkers who are specialized in clearing work. Their role is to open the inter-dimensional grid lines that allow life and love to flow freely. Gatekeepers tend to be government employees, mediators, diplomats, or yoga instructors. All of these positions are meant to encourage kindness, peace, fairness, and positivity to all living things.
  • Manifestors – These lightworkers are known as the divine blueprint creators. They are experts at channeling their energy to attract what they desire. They have a mission to make the world a better place that is more peaceful and manifests as an awakened collective consciousness.
  • Messengers/Guides – Certain lightworkers hold a unique flair for spreading important messages to humanity. When they concentrate their efforts they can communicate a message of love, enlightenment, peace, and even bring a spiritual awakening. Lightworkers in this area may include motivational speakers, artists, teachers, bloggers, and even life-coaches who strive to serve humanity for the better.
  • Transmuters – These lightworkers are called neutralizers because they dispel negative energy and restore balance. Neutralizers may work in favor of an entire collective conscious or heal people from ancestral line karma.
  • Travelers/Dreamers – This type of lightworker will never be content with the status-quo. They want new solutions and adventure and will push the limits to create the capacity for change. Those doing this type of lightwork are often inventors, explorers, and pioneers in their field.
  • Adventurers/Ascension Guides – Lightworkers who are adventurers are always looking out for new adventures and are driven by the belief that better things await if we look well beyond the obvious. They will work toward creating inter-dimensional possibilities to broaden the vision for mankind’s future.

Overall, lightworkers are awakened beings who hold the highest interests of all living beings. They have distinctive kindness and vibrate at higher energies that allows them to be positive and support others when they need help. To know if you are a lightworker, tune into the self and search your heart to decide whether you are channeling your light into the world as a life purpose.