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Twin Flame Love

Twin Flame Love and What it Means

Most people have read about or have heard about the twin flame reunion at one time or another. Most people don’t believe in the twin flame reunion but if you haven’t, I bet you have heard of a soulmate.

The thing is people often confuse a soulmate with a twin flame and they are not the same. They are often used in exchange for each other, and they are very different. The twin flame love is more than the love of a soulmate.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is part of your soul. When your soul incarnated, it split in two and one went into your body and one into another body. This is literally your other half.

When you look at the idea of a twin flame relationship, you will see that they share your soul and that you will have the same feelings and personalities. They will be someone that wants to connect with you.

Why Have a Twin Flame

The reason for a twin flame is about your growth in your spirit and your life. The purpose of the twin flame reunion is to help you to become stronger and to reach your higher self. When you discover your twin flame, it helps you to get rid of things that are holding you back such as hurt or past traumas and helps you to love yourself even more.

The relationship can be hard because you will have to let the things that you are insecure about come to light. This will be hard to face but it will help you to become your best you.

Twin flames will see things that they have to deal with, and they will have to get over doubts and thoughts that no longer serve them. The twin flame will be hard and will not be the same as a toxic relationship. The twin flame is there to help you to feel better and to help you to get over things that will cause you fear.

A twin flame relationship is not always romantic, but they are sometimes friendships or mentors. The mind will want you to have a romantic story about your twin flame, but this is not always what the universe wants to do with your energy.

Twin Flame Versus Other Relationships

The twin flame will b different than other relationships because they are part of your soul. You are unique and they will be unique because they are part of you. This is different from other relationships because the connection will not be shared with anyone else but you and your twin flame.

The soulmate is someone that will come to you as romantic partners or friends, but they will not be someone that is with you always like your twin flame. They will be someone that is close to you and someone that is connected to you but will not share a soul with you.

How to Know You Found Your Twin Flame

Each relationship will be new to you and will have strong emotions. Make sure that you are clear in your mind and that you are not being hurt by this person if it is your twin flame. This can be confusing but there are signs that can show you if you have found your twin flame or not.

Know Them

Right when you meet them you know them and recognize them. This will happen because they share your soul. You will have a strong bond when you come together.


Twin flame relationships will be full of signs and synchronicities. There will be many coincidences that you experience along the journey.


The emotions will be very strong, and things will be both good and bad and can be overwhelming and hard at times.


You will feel insecure, and you will doubt things in your life. Your twin flame is a mirror to your soul, and they are there to show you what is keeping you from growing and becoming your best you.


You will be drawn to this person, and you will feel that this relationship has to be. You will be attracted to each other and there will be a strong pull all the time.

Ups and Downs

The twin flame relationship will not always be easy and there will be parts of your relationship that are hard to handle. There will be ups and downs and there will be things that you have to confront and things that you don’t like.

On and Off

The relationship will have problems and your twin flame will be on and off again. You will have to face things in the relationship, and you will have to deal with strong emotions. This can be hard and painful along the way, and you might want to give in.

You and your twin flame will never have a complete fall out. This can be hard along the way, but you will find your way back to them no matter what happens.

Makes You Better

Your twin flame will make you a better person. They will make you have a desire to be the best that you can be in your life. The journey will help you to grow and help you to not be held back.  The purpose of this is to help you to find your best you and help you to have a purpose of who you are.

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