Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Psychic Reading

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Psychic Reading

Whether you are familiar with psychic readings or not, there are things you can do to prepare for a reading. If you experience lots of hit and miss type readings and blame your psychic, know that success is in large part due to you. Both the reading and experience is dependent upon you.


This is of extreme importance. When you prepare yourself for a reading, it is much more likely to be successful. This involves being in the right frame of mind so you can better connect with your psychic. This does take a bit of personal effort but it will help the reading.

Before ever calling a psychic or advisor, consider what questions you wish to have answered and make a list. Be specific so the advisor can tune into the energy that you carry and explore the questions deeper.

Center Yourself

Before calling your advisor, take a couple moments to center yourself so you are in the moment and clear headed. This can be accomplished through meditation and deep breathing as you connect with yourself. Find your calm center as a great psychic can read this type of energy. Then, find a quiet, safe space, and make your call while still connected to yourself.

Listen and Take Notes

While you should always listen intently during a reading, it is also important to take notes. This helps you remember what was said and review later for answers that may be hidden within. When you take notes, you are also able to refer back if you need clarification.


When there is a strong connection with your advisor, tell them about it. If they focus on something heavily and you wish to move on, then do not be afraid to say something. When the reading has been completed, thank the advisor and share your notes and feedback that may help with future sessions.

Be Open Minded

If you are not familiar with psychic readings or a specific advisor, remember that a top priority is an open mind. Open energy is what is needed to make a connection. Every advisor will have different strengths and styles so the success of a reading begins with you.

By taking an active role in a reading, you will build strength in the connection. So prepare yourself and keep an open mind to see what knowledge you can gain.