The Calm in the Storm

The Calm in the Storm

Do you feel like your whole world is falling apart? Are you having relationship troubles or problems with your finances? Do you feel like everyone around you has left you? Is your job causing you stress or are you jobless because of the pandemic?

Sometimes when things go wrong it seems like everything in the world is going wrong, too. This can start small and then be like an ocean taking over you because one things goes wrong and then the next. You might even feel that your life is out of control.

Maybe your emotions are a wreck because of everything that is going on and you feel like you are confused and don’t know what to do next. This can feel like a storm, like a tornado or a tsunami is overtaking you. This can be hurtful and bleak.

Knowing It’s Coming

You might be someone that knew this was coming but you didn’t prepare for it. Maybe you had strong senses and you felt your intuition going off to let you know that danger was on its way. Maybe you sensed that things were going to go bad.

No matter what, even if you knew it, chances are that you weren’t really prepared. Or maybe you had no idea that all of this mess was coming, and you really just had no idea until it was too late. No matter the thing, the end results were what they were.

What Now?

Now that you have been through this, it is time to change and to heal. You have to let your life recover and you have to learn to move forward. You need to find out what direction you are going to take in your life and find out how to move forward.

You can do this. No matter what the storm is, the great thing is that there is an eye of the storm. In this eye is the calmness. So even if you are in the middle of the storm, find the calm of it. Let it be a time when things get calm, and you become stronger.

Take a deep breath and take time to be calm. Let the center of your storm bring you to a place of peace and love. Allow yourself to get away from all of the stress and anxiety. Take time to mediate and to think things through.

Make decisions in your life that will bring calmness and will help you to be able to be at peace. Allow yourself to feel your emotions but move on from them. Let your heart heal and open up your hear to what the universe wants to show you.

You are strong and you are a peacemaker so allow this to fill your heart. Let all of the hate and hurt leave you and move forward.

Find your center and let the calmness fill you. You are strong and you are able to move forward and to have a happy life. Even if life has been hard, there are ways that you can work towards peace and healing. Do this today!