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Sprit guides and guardian angels

Sprit guides and guardian angelsAs rough as our day to day lives can be, it is comforting to know that we have spirits and angels watching over us.  These spirits serve as guides, but are they the same?

Angels are of the divine and they have never had a physical presence.  Because of their divinity, they are able to give us messages from divine beings.

Spirit guides were once human and have spent some time on this plane of existence. It is quite possible that one’s spirit guide is also one’s ancestor. It is also entirely possible for a spirit guide to be from completely other dimensions.

Throughout life’s transitions, our guardian angel helps to keep us safe.  If we feel that we are at risk, or just stressed, our guardian angel steps in to help us out.  And in dangerous situations, our guardian angel protects us.

Our spirit guide helps us learn lessons as we need them and guides us as we discover things on our life journey. They will even help us decide what path we should take.   As helpful as they are, spirit guides can’t step in and make changes. Ultimately, the spirit guide can’t intervene with our free will.  They can advise, but we have to decide.

Guardian angels come to us before we are born.  They stay with us for our entire lives.  They are there whether we  acknowledge them or not.  If you are stressed, sad or generally upset, take a moment to ask your angel for help. The answers are usually subtle and you have to look for them.  These answer can appear as a coincidence or new opportunity.

Your spirit guide, however, needs to have a relationship with you. You  need to get to know your guide so that you can understand what they are trying to tell you. They can appear in your dreams or choose another way to contact you.

If you feel like you have tried everything but just can’t connect with your spirit guide, you can contact a psychic. They can reach out for you.

As helpful as a psychic can be, if any medium tells you that there is an evil spirit trying to attack you, it’s not true! The curse of an evil spirit is a scam.

But once you have connect with your spirit guide you will be fascinated by the ways they help you learn your life lessons.

Our lives are enhanced by both spirit guides and guardian angels, after all, they are here to help.  All we have to do is listen and keep an open mind.  The next time something odd happens, be it an unexplained coincidence or some out of the blue help, it could be a spirit guide or angel reaching out to you.

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