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Soulmate Healing Chakras

Soulmate Healing Chakras

Everything that happens outside of your body and your aura is a reflection of the energies that you have picked up in your life.  If your aura has weak energy and you are imbalanced in your chakras, chances are you are not doing the things that you should be doing in your life or your relationships.

If you are having a hard time relating with your partner and the two of you are having a hard time getting along, chances are that your sacral chakra is unbalanced and this is causing negativity between the two of you.  Your energies are not healed, and you will suffer for it.

If money is a problem and you are fearful that you will run out of funds, this can be another blocked chakra.  Having a blocked chakra can cause you to have pain and hurt in your relationships and your life.

Your spirit guides want you to work on your chakras and to balance yourself.  They can help you to fix your energy levels and to show you where you need to change in your life.

One way to work with the root chakra is to eat vegetables and fruits and other foods that are red.  You can also wear red or light red candles in your house.  Doing this allows you to ground your energy and to work on balancing your life to goodness.

When you are afraid, this can spread to your life and can cause your unbalanced chakras to have the negative energies of fear.  When you be afraid, your aura will become dull and you will not be able to function like you should.  Your spirit guide will remind you about protecting yourself and that you should learn to create a place of balance in your life.

To get rid of your fear, you can light white candles and take a salt bath.  You can also use lavender oil and go into water to balance your energies.

Broken Heart

If you have a broken heart, there are things you can do to fix this.  You can spend time in nature and let the universe cleanse you and heal you.

You can ask your angels to guide you and give you better sleep and you can get your spirits to clean you while you are sleeping. They have much better knowledge about your life than you do.

If you have a hurting heart, use green candles and keep a pink quartz close to you.  You will learn to love yourself and feel love for others.  You must learn to have self-love and to release forgiveness in your life.

Healing comes when you can reconcile relationships and when free will does this, it is a great healer.

Ask your angels to consider your feelings and to help you heal and be calm.  Ask them to help you be kind even when you are hurting.

You will be reminded to cleans your chakras and to seek support if you are out of touch with the truth.  Let the universe help you.

If you want a soulmate to come, go to a healing session.  Let a remote healer offer you advice and give you peace and comfort in what you are doing in your life.

Allow your chakras to be balanced and this will allow you to have peace and understanding in your life and what is about to come to you.


Remember, you can always ask your angels or your spirit guides to help you through hard times in your life.  Cleaning and balancing your chakras can help you to get where you want to be in your life.

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