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Signs You Are a Lightworker

Signs You Are a Lightworker

The times have been prophesied in sacred texts about the time in which the light returns to Earth. The lightworkers have begun slowly preparing for this Age of Light since the enlightenment period. This Age of Light was entered in 2012, though it has been coming since the 60s, even though it was a highly misunderstood time that was covered in fear and control-driven agendas. Still, the powerful shift occurred and lightworkers heard the call. This caused a massive awakening of lightworkers.

Who Is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is defined as a person who has made the choice to come to Earth to transmute darkness to light, but this is not as overpowering as it sounds. Every fear-based actions, feeling, or thought that the lightworker chooses to transform serves the self and others. As you learn to be more anchored, the more you can help others to be able to do the same thing. Lightworkers are meant to shine and never let anyone stop that inner light from showing greatness. However, the lightworker can choose how to best shine their light. This starts with using your inner light to heal the self and then to help others. Lightworkers can be found everywhere and in multiple professions around the world. They are all colors, ages, and genders. The lightworker life is not just about the self because we already have all we need within as this has been in the works for centuries. If you think you may be a lightworker, then the following signs will resonate with your being.

Feel as if Time is Wasted

Lightworkers often have feelings of wasting time. This feeling can lead to anxiety and depression, even from an early age because deep inside you know you are destined for something great, but have not got there or figured out exactly what it is yet. This is an unpleasant feeling that will last until you take action which is why you have to get started. Otherwise, you will have a continual feeling that more is necessary. This can lead some to addiction issues if a purpose is not found.

Feel a Life Purpose

Even if you have not figured out exactly what it is, you have always had a calling to act on your light. Lightworkers know there is something greater for them, a destiny. You may have spent a great deal of time figuring out your purpose or perhaps you have always known. The universe wants you to take action and accomplish as much as possible. As you tap into your unlimited capacity, your mind is your only limit to how much you can allow your light to shine. This can transform your life.

You Feel Like an Alien

Most lightworkers feel they do not belong on this planet. Many do not feel accepted by their families and have had few friends growing up. The world can sadden lightworkers because we exist to create a new world based in freedom and love. It can be difficult to fit in and this can last well into adulthood. Some lightworkers are considered weird or unsocial when others just need to know that their strength comes from a soul and heart connection. To do this, lots of alone time is needed to align with the higher self.

Want to Save the World

Every lightworker feels like they are here to save the world. They are sick of the way the world works and seeing people suffer. They want to change things. This is a big task. Part of the feeling comes from ego, the rest from a long line of lightworkers who know they turn the lights on and can change things for the better.

Dark Stuff Happening

The primary task of the lightworker is to transmute dark to light so the lightworker often experiences lots of dark in their life. These are challenging situations that can lead to hitting bottom either spiritually or emotionally. Though most lightworkers dream of a loving family and home, they have been trained to recognize darkness and tend not to find that light filled life. However, some lightworkers can resolve the karma for their entire family and liberate generations. However, the first goal should be self-healing before working on others.

Powerful Manifestor

When you look back at life you may realize that you are able to manifest just about anything. This is often done with little effort because you have high energy levels. Remember you are more powerful than you know, so be cautious and responsible in the direction of your energy. You may unconsciously cause distress if your energies are not aligned.

You’re an Empath

Not all empaths are lightworkers, but all lightworkers are empaths. An empath can feel the suffering and joy of those around them. This is picking up on energy others put out and feeling it as your own.

Deep Interest in History and Philosophy

Lightworkers are here to restore ancient knowledge in a way and then they add further knowledge. You may feel naturally drawn to ancient texts as if they can change your life direction. This type of study will also help you feel connected and offer strength, just keep in mind if it becomes an obsession, you are not serving others with your gift. You must learn balance and to stay grounded and present. Whatever you experience, you are not alone. As you turn on your light, other lightworkers will be drawn to you.

Lightworker is an Encoded Word

If you feel drawn to the word lightworker then it is a sign you are one. Some words can invoke deep remembrance in us because of how they were created. The right people will feel like something new is opening within them just at the sound of the word.

Calling to Help Others

Lightworkers feel the need to help others and it is often so strong you cannot seem to help it. You have likely always felt this way, especially when someone is unhappy or struggling. You want to uplift them in some way.

Belief in a Higher Power

No matter how dark the times are, you feel connected to a higher power of some kind. As a lightworker, you feel connected to something larger than you and can sometimes feel this higher power move through you. You have always known that the universe was created for something better, even when prayers go unanswered.

Challenging Childhood

Lightworkers often feel misunderstood and lonely due to a tough childhood. They may have experienced different forms of abuse or had parents that struggled financially, leaving you as an outcast in a hostile world. This is necessary so lightworkers understand the darkness and find a way out.

People with Problems are Attracted to You

Lightworkers tend to attract people who have problems and challenges. It is likely your friends complain a lot. You may also attract narcissists, energy vampires, and people who offer little in return for your kindness. These types of people seem to find you no matter what.

Spiritual Shift

Though spiritual matters have always been interesting, you have likely had a deep spiritual shift that may have altered your life greatly. If you have just had your awakening, you may be overwhelmed and feel like it is beyond what you can handle. Trust that a larger energy will realign your life with the highest of your potential as the journey continues.

You Can Move Through the Darkness

A lightworker can always move through the darkness whether it is a tough situation, depression, anxiety, or something else. You will find your way back to the light, even if it takes longer at some times then others. Everyone has special areas that take longer to heal because they are closer to the heart, but you will find light once again.

Emotional Roller Coaster

Lightworkers tend to have constantly changing moods that can affect energy flow so they must continually work back toward the light.

Strange Dreams

Lightworkers remember their dreams and they are often strange. Perhaps you can do lucid dreaming or travel the astral plane during the night. You may see the future or the past in the lives of others, even if they have never shared.

Why am I Here? Who am I?

These two questions may echo in your head constantly as you contemplate the meaning of life and personal purpose. You feel like there is a greater mission and keep searching until things fall into place.

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