Save Your Life By Letting Go


The aspect of letting go is one which generally recognized and well-regarded in our culture and time. Yet, actually living by these words and following through are so often met with a deal of resistance as it hurts a lot to do it since the thought of losing something seems unbearable than living in pain.

Letting go isn’t easy, and in fact, it may be one of the hardest things to do in life. As difficult as it may be, however, results in the possibility of it becoming the most rewarding, positive, life-changing experience you will ever have.

Letting go of hurt, of fear, of control, of anger, of bitterness, of insecurities, hanging onto relationships that damage and drain us has endless positive outcomes, but did you know it can save your life, too? Here are the powerful ways that not just believing this concept, but living it, can make a positive impact in your world and help save your life.

  • Letting go improves your heart health
  • Letting go reduces symptoms of depression
  • Letting go strengthens your immune system
  • Letting go increases your spiritual and psychological well-being
  • Letting go lowers anxiety, stress, and hostility
  • Letting go improves your relationships
  • Letting go maximizes your self-esteem and sense of self-worth


In addition to these 10 perfect reasons, when you let go of negative ideas, feelings, or even people, you provide yourself room for new, positive experiences and real growth. Letting go of anything that steals the joy from your journey is the defibrillator of life. Free your mind, heart, and soul to get to the happiness, love, and PEACE that you deserve. If you need help in your journey, never forget that PsychicOz is here to help you move on and get to exactly where you want, and need, to be.