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Removing Negative Energy

Removing Negative EnergyNegative energies can build up in your life and in your home.  You can find these negative energies in your emotions or in a period of time where things seem to be going constantly wrong.  Objects can also have negative emotions attached to them.  If someone has owned an object for a long time, chances are that their energies are going to be attached to the object.

Even if something is attached to an object doesn’t mean it is always negative and it doesn’t mean it is harmful.  There are different kinds of energies and some of them can be okay.  If there is a lot of negative energy in a room or in an object that is large, it can be caused by a spirit.

Where Do they Come From?

Most human thoughts and emotions can be a huge reason for negative energies.  When people have anger or are jealous, they can bring negative energies into the air.

Spirits can also build up an area with negative energies.  There are also energies that are found in the natural environment and around us that can cause us to be sad or anxious.

Our technology holds a lot of energy and this can create negative energies from computers and phones.

Objects such as antiques can hold the energies of the people that used to own the object.  Even if the person was kind but had negative energies, these objects can hold these.  If the person had a mental illness, these energies could have attached to the objects.


Negative energy does not have to be a spirit.  Sometimes there are spirits that are good, and they don’t always mean something bad.  Sometimes, a person who is scared or depressed and who are trapped on the earth in their spiritual self can leave negative emotions.

When people come into contact with these things, it can cause them to experience symptoms of negative energy such as tiredness, sadness, a headache and more.  There are also other signs like bad smells, strong feelings or emotions, images in your mind that are negative, having a hard time sleeping, when a room is uncomfortable to be in and if you are sickly feeling.

There are other things that can happen but most of these seem natural like water pipes busting or the wind doing something weird.

Getting Rid of Negative Energy

If you feel that you are experience negative energy from something paranormal, you need to find out what the cause is.

One way to get rid of these negative spirits are to tell them to leave you alone.  You have to be firm and demand them to leave.

When you feel upset or tired, you might need a spiritual leader to come and pray over your home.  You can also cleanse your area.


There are many different ways to cleanse your area.  Some of these can get rid of negative energies in your home.  The way that you do this depends on what you believe and how you have cleansed in the past.

People that have done a lot of cleansings will have their favorite ways to cleanse an area and some that haven’t done this before are just starting out and need to find their favorite way.


One of the easiest and oldest ways to cleans an area is to use sage.  You can use this a s a smoke to cleanse a room.  If you live in a home that you have never lived in, use sage to get rid of any spirits that are negative.

When you cleanse, you have to have a good attitude and you need to be calm and kind.  Never allow hatred to rule you.

Smudging with Sage

When you clean the room, you need to put on clean clothes and have a bowl of salt to get rid of the negative energy.

Make sure that all of the doors and windows are closed and light your sage stick.  When you see a glow, blow out the fire and let it smoke.  Put it in an ashtray to catch the ash.

Make sure the air is always circulating and let the smoking continue as long as you can.  Start in a doorway and walk all around the house, around the corners and in all directions.  Keep blowing the sage stick so that it will keep smoking.  You can move this in a circle.

Walk slow and concentrate on getting rid of negative energies.  Recite your words or prayers.  See with your mind the negative energies leaving and keep repeating the words as you clear the room.

When you finish, end with a prayer and see with your mind the area cleansed and bright.  Close the ritual with lighting a candle and let it burn with other incenses.


Use salt and dissolve it and put it in a container and spray it around the room or sprinkle it around the room.  Pray while you do this and imagine light in the area and the negative energy leaving.


Pine is an incense that is for mediation and to freshen the room and attract money.

Sandalwood is good for getting rid of negative spirits and healing.

Sage is used for protection.

Lavender can be used to give positive energy and to help people sleep and relax.

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