Relationship Meltdown


             Do feel that it’s about to end? Do you sense hat something is wrong? You usually get a little warning before your car breaks down. A light comes on in the dashboard, you pull over to the side of the road and a repair guy comes along to fix things before too much damage has been done. Things aren’t quite that easy when it comes to romance, but there are some warning signs that a relationship might be headed for a breakdown.

Pay attention to these signs and you just might be able to patch things up and keep moving along on the road of love:

You don’t share
They say “sharing is caring,” so if you’re not sharing, it could be a sign that something is missing in your relationship. Whether it’s a bite of dinner, the covers on a cold night or a few dollars at the mall, sharing is the essence of partnership. If you’re not sharing these parts of your life, chances are you’re not really sharing your life. And if you refuse to share important things like time or feelings, the relationship is probably in real trouble.

You spend time apart
A little time apart is good – and sometimes it can be exactly what you need to save a too-close-for-comfort relationship. But if you notice you’re spending less and less time together, it could be a sign that the relationship’s in danger. “Being together” means just that – spending time with someone you want to be around. But if you find yourself more excited to be alone or with other friends than your partner, chances are your relationship isn’t going to last much longer.

You argue more than usual
This one seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes you don’t realize that your arguments are a sign that the relationship is breaking down. If you notice that you’re fighting more than usual, don’t just assume it’s a phase the relationship will grow out of. Pay attention to what you’re fighting about and what’s triggering the arguments.

You’re not intimate
Lack of intimacy is a red flag that something’s wrong with your romance. Maybe you’re having sex less. Maybe you’re having as much sex as usual, but it’s detached and perfunctory. Maybe your sex life is fine, but you don’t hold hands or hug like you used to. Intimacy is a way to establish and maintain a connection with your partner – and if you’re not intimate with each other, it’s a good sign you’re not connecting with each other in general.

So if you see these signs in your relationship, what do you do? Don’t just take them at face value – realize that these signs are often symptoms of larger, more complicated issues. The first step is to evaluate whether you want to be in the relationship. If you do, then it’s time to start being honest – with yourself and your partner. No matter what your issues are, the only way you’ll ever solve them and move on is to address them with each other through open, honest communication.