Should You Really Fight With Your Ex-lover?


      Some relationships start as a heaven on earth and will end up on a total opposite note. When they end, if you move on gracefully, things would be pleasant. But often, some relationships don’t end so gracefully and they ended up ruining each other.

The partners may keep blaming each other to cope up with the pain they have undergone in the relationship. In such a situation, it is better to end the battle as soon as possible before it turns into an ugly mudslinging game.

So, when an ex suddenly surfaces and says something to you, it is better to ignore it and move on unless you are really forced to respond and prove your innocence.

Now, here are other reasons why fighting with ex doesn’t make sense:

Washing Dirty Linen In Public…

It isn’t wise to wash your dirty linen in public as that would totally tarnish the image of both you and your ex.

Some Secrets Will Be Made Public

When such an argument starts with your ex, that too in public, many secrets may come out; each of you would be attacking each other on social platforms trying to defame each other by telling some naked truths. Things could go terribly wrong when you open up such wounds.

Your Current Partners May Feel Embarrassed

Imagine the situation of your current or future partners. They would feel terrible to be with you.

You Will Gain Nothing

In any fight, we seldom gain anything. That is why fights are to be solved amicably that too, inside closed doors so that the world will never know the ugly side of relationships.

Ego Issues Lead To Further Damage

When you pursue your hurt ego, you tend to act like you’re taking revenge but the war never ends when your ex also starts attacking you or blaming you with powerful accusations. Leave all that and move on.

Legal Issues May Crop Up

If any of you crosses the limits in uttering words or blaming each other, legal consequences may also crop up. That is why fighting with an ex doesn’t make sense.

You Will Lose Peace

Obviously, losing peace would be the main issue in any fight. Losing sleep and losing peace are the biggest losses human beings could ever suffer.