Reaching Your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Going through your spiritual awakening is not a goal but it is something that allows you to be more enlightened. Buddha told people that when you reach your enlightening that it is not something that is supernatural. You don’t have to travel far away to reach this stage and it isn’t something that only a few people can attain. Also, this experience will not give you an out of body experience and you will not have to go live by yourself to reach it. You cannot get this from a guru, or you cannot buy it. You can’t get it and lose it, and no one can take it from you. You never even have to follow anyone or give away everything you own. You don’t have to become part of a cult or follow a leader.

Your enlightenment is something that is always there, and it is an invite that has been there throughout the ages. Each day that you live in your life allows you to love yourself for who you are, even in your imperfection. You will see that every moment is good and that everything doesn’t revolve around how you feel. You will see that you can reach this gift and you can learn to live in your pain and in your joy and that life is full of ups and downs. You are never broken or whole, but you are never lost either.

Pointers of Reaching Your Spiritual Awakening

Here are some ways that you can reach your spiritual awakening:

Follow the Now

The biggest thing to remember is that you live in the now. You are writing every page of your life. As things go by, you will see that you can go from your past to your future, and you can decide to have regret or to accept things in your life. As you look to reach different levels in your life, you can find your enlightenement.

Learn to relax and focus on what is going on in front of you instead of what you have lost or what isn’t there. You need to let the story of your life allow you to see who you are. Be curious about your life, have fun, dance, think things through, allow your feelings to come, follow your impulses and just see where you are. Now is the only time that you need to focus on. Find calmness even when things are hard.

Stop Making Yourself Suffer

Everyone has pain but the real problem is that you are concentrating on your pain. You resist your life and the discomfort that pain brings when you really need to face it. When you live in your pain or your anger, even fear, you will see that life is not going how you want it. Don’t look at what yesterday had or what tomorrow will bring you but allow yourself to explore and experience today.

No matter what is going on, stop allowing suffering to control you. Get out of your past and stop going into the future. Reach your life now and don’t judge yourself or the process. Find peace and learn to relax as good and bad things happen.

Thoughts Aren’t Necessarily True

Even though we all have thoughts, they aren’t always true. Our sensations aren’t always true either. Look at the things around you such as what you hear, feel, or think. These things come and go. They don’t stay and they cannot be controlled. You cannot get rid of these things.

The only thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a good attitude with what you are going through. Be kind and loving and welcome people in your life.

Make a Space for Thoughts

Allow your thoughts to come but know they are not you. They are not who you are. You will have images and thoughts, but they do not have to control you. Allow there to be a space for these things but don’t let them control you. These things can trap you, but you are only the one that has the space, and you don’t have to be the thoughts. Let them come and go as they do.

Deal with the Pain

When things are hard, breathe through them. Face your problems and your pain. Don’t neglect yourself and learn to live when things are hard or uncomfortable. Don’t just try to heal your emotions but embrace them and face them. Honor yourself by allowing discomfort to come and then dealing with it.

Accept Who You Are

Accepting things doesn’t mean that they will go away. If you have pain or a bad feeling, accept it but don’t let it fester. You acknowledge and accept what happens and know that it is part of what is going on.

Know that this kind of stuff is always there and don’t put pressure on yourself. Allow yourself to feel frustrated when you are and even disappointed but be curious about life anyways. Even having blocked energy is part of life.

Always and Never

You will not have an always or never. These things don’t need to be in your vocabulary. Your life can have problems and they will last but not always. You will need to allow yourself to have power and to concentrate on what is good.

Be There and Get There

Stop focusing on your goals and focus more on where you are going. Pay attention to the steps that you are taking. Your goals and destinations can help you to reach what you want in your life. Live in the moment and feel what your life has to show you. Allow doubt to come in and know that not everything has answers.

Even if You Stumble, Get Up

If you find that you are messing up in your life, get up. Get up and get where you need to be. Be alive and don’t punish yourself for messing up. Know that life is a journey, and it will never be perfect. There will be some constants but sometimes there will be disappointments. Nothing can really go wrong in your life if you have the right attitude.

Don’t Compare

Your journey is who you are and everyone else has their own journey. You know that you are different and different is good. This means that you will go through different things, and you will see things differently than others do. Even if you aren’t where you hoped to be by now, keep pushing. You need to trust yourself and know that you can do anything that you want to.