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Past Life Love

Past Life Love

Past life love can help you on your way to your spiritual awakening. If you believe in reincarnation or karma, chances are that the encounters that you have are ones that you believe are destined to happen.

When you are at some level in your life, you can learn to know things deeper than others. Maybe you have feelings that seem stronger than they used to be, and you feel that your life is pulling you in a different direction.

These feelings can be exciting, scary and nerve wracking, all at the same time.

Connecting with Past Loves

The reason that you connect with past loves in your life has many reasons. This could be that they are your soulmate, or your twin flame and they are meant to be in your life.

If you are meant to be with this person for a long period of time, you might even end up as best friends or as lovers.

When you meet someone from your past, it can be hard because of where the story ended in your past life Maybe the story was hard or hurtful and you feel pain when you meet them.

Maybe when you meet this person instead of marrying them, they are there just so that you can go through your awakening.

It is not easy for you to be in a relationship with a past lover that has no promise. This can be a hard experience and when you are trying to balance your karma then you have to learn to do this so that you can grow.

If you are going to meet your soulmate that is there to be with you, decide if they are going to be your friend or if they are going to be more than that.

Past Life Love

The past life is not always connected with your soulmate and sometimes a soulmate can just be an intense connection that changes how you see thing. You need to always be open to new possibilities in your life and chances that fate brought you together.

When you connect with a person, you are with them for a purpose.


Your past love life experience can feel like you are going through an awakening. This can be hard and even painful at times and will cause you to look at your relationship from a different point of view.

When you look at your relationship in a different way, you will see that karma is there to show you something. This can be a spiritual awakening or can cause you to deal with self-growth. This is not always easy.

A past love can create a place in your life that can make you experience new things. This can cause you to have to look at your past and to figure out what you have done in your life.

Soul Invitation

Your past love life and relationships will help you to have self-growth. Some people come back in our lives for different reasons such as:

  • Obligation
  • Conflict
  • Love

These types of relationships are hard to deal with because they are karmic relationships. Every karmic relationship will have challenges, but they can end up being great experiences. Remember though, they are not without challenges.

Past Life

Even though loving someone from your past can be painful, it can also be a good experience. If you look at your karma, you will see that this relationship will make you stronger and help you to know yourself more.

Your soulmate could be the person helping you go through your awakening. They might break your heart and make you feel more compassionate for others. They also might help you to increase your boundaries and to change your life in all aspects.

Past love relationships can help you to change your spiritual life. You can learn to control how you love so that you do not end up in conflict but in peace.


Looking at things in your life and having to deal with heartbreak can cause you to become insensitive. If you are feeling insensitive, you have to learn to love again and to let go of pain from your past.

Some of your past love will be dramatic and when you make choices, you have to make sure that the choices do not come to hurt you but that you allow your heart to be open and your mind to be awake. Let your future change.

Involved in Past Life Love

If you believe in reincarnation, you can know that past life loves can be significant in your life. If you are looking to keep people in your life and to deal with reincarnated souls, your relationships can help you to be closer to people.

Being in a karmic relationship means you have business that is not finished. You have to get past revenge and you have to learn to say what has to be said. You will experience energy from your relationship and as long as you allow your heart to be open, your love story can have a happy ending.

When you commit to these relationships, you will learn from them and you will see that your soulmate can help your life to grow and to be fulfilled.

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