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Making Up Your Mind

Making Up Your Mind

People are just lazy and sometimes this happens because your brain wants to shut down because of all of the hard work that we put in a day. Like other things in our bodies, our minds want to save energy and to not have to process information and make hard decisions.

Our mind goes into two different modes, the first one that is emotional and part of the unconscious mind that is instant and the second mode is where you reason and reflect on your life.

Your thoughts might become active depending on what you are doing and what mode your mind is running in. You stay focused and logical during the day and there are times throughout the day where you will have a reliable mind function and will stop to make decisions. Some situations require you to think through things and to respond differently to situations in your life.


When you think in an intuitive manner, your unconscious mind is there for making decisions and judging situations. Your brain has habits to learn to handle different situations over different times.

Your intuition has changed as you have grown older and most of the decisions that you will make will involve social reasoning. When you use your intuition, you judge your situation and then you take action. You need to have intuition to help you make decisions when there is no proof in what you are doing.

Intuition helps you to make connections and to know if you are about to face certain problems. Your mind is a gift and having a rational mind can help you through all of your life situations.

Intuition allows you to know things without really knowing why and that is why many people say things such as, “trust your gut,” or “follow your intuition,” because this helps you to make good decisions. Always know what you are feeling and thinking.

Intuition comes suddenly and you seem to know things without really knowing where the information comes from. It is important to pay attention to this and not to ignore it. Making important decisions such as where to go, what not to do, what kind of job to take or what kind of relationships to be in are often made with the intuition and so the decisions that you make will improve over time.

The models of your brain will sometimes make decisions wrong because people forget to use their intuition and so their judgements are often affected.


As you make decisions, if you forget to follow your intuition or you choose not to, chances are you will become too confident in making decisions and you will ignore something that could save you time and pain.

People that think causally and do not use their intuition and only focus on logic will often make decisions that are not good for them.

When you learn to pay attention to your intuition and the decisions that you make that help you to improve your life and build your intuition, you will have a better approach to the ideas that you have and you will be slower to judge and more confident in what you are doing.

You will see patterns and situations that can help you to take better action. Do not disregard your intuition or it will lead you to a life based on faulty thinking and biases. You have to stop being stubborn and allow your mind to listen to your gut and have rational thinking.

You can have both intuitive thinking and rational thinking; you just have to slow down and pay attention to patterns before you take action.

Intuition allows you to know how to react and does not lead you wrong. You will make less mistakes and better decisions in your life.

Deeper Thought

You need to learn to think clearly and have different depths of perception so you can make decisions confidently. People do better to solve problems, think clearer and work better when they are confident. Learn to build a better life for yourself and let your mind explore your intuition.

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