Learn to Respond to Spirit Hauntings

Spirit Hauntings

Some people think that they have spirits when it is something in their life that is causing them pain, but if you have eliminated all of the other things and you are sure you have a spirit, there are things that you can do to have peace in your life.

Once you know that you have a spirit around you, you need to figure out what you can do about it. There are different ways that you can confront spirits in a peaceful manner.

What if You are Haunted?

Once you determine that you really do have a spirit and you are being haunted, you have to find out why the spirit is at your home or at your workplace. You need to find out why the spirit is there and where it came from. Even if you don’t know, you need to figure out how to manage this spirit and stop it from haunting you. The best thing that you can do is to try the moderate actions at first and if you are afraid of this, you can talk to someone that can help you to have peace in what action you choose.

Aggressive Spirits

You have to decide if the spirit that you are dealing with is aggressive or if it is a passive spirit. Aggressive spirits do not necessarily cause you to be afraid and it doesn’t mean that the spirit is mean or angry. Aggressive means that the spirit is threatening you or it has tried to harm you or someone else around you.

The spirit can be a threat to you or someone around you and if this is true, you need to take stronger action and make sure that you are being strong in the magic that you use. You cannot keep letting a spirit be aggressive in your home and not take action to this. The minute that a spirit becomes aggressive towards you or someone or something in your home, you have to act.

If you have a spirit that is not aggressive then you need to know that the spirit might just be afraid or confused as to why it is there. This can cause the spirit to act out and to try to figure out what is going on. With these kinds of spirits, you can be gentle with them. If the spirit is scared or confused, you can learn to coexist with this and you can do this by using magic. You might even be able to meet someone that needs a spirit, and you can hand it off to that person. When you have a spirit that isn’t aggressive, you can help it to leave in a peaceful way and it can be a good solution for you and the spirit.

Find Your Tolerance

Once you know that the spirit is not dangerous you need to think about how sensitive you are to spirits. Some people are very sensitive, and they are afraid of the spirit, or they do not want to face the idea of having a spirit and so they are afraid. This makes the experience for them bad, and they might not want to deal with the spirit in their home. These people have no tolerance for the spirit world, and they need to get rid of the spirit without having to talk to them or communicate with them. You need to use aggressive magic right away.

If you are able to tolerate spirits to a point, you can think about how willing you are to deal with the spirit in your home. If you have low tolerance, you might be able to deal calmly with the spirit but if the spirit is upset, it will be harder for you.

Someone that has a high tolerance for spirits will not be afraid of the aggressive behavior of the spirit and you can find out how you can move forward and help the spirit to move on. The way that you feel towards spirits can change depending on your experience with them and how you change your energies in the situations you are in. It can depend on how confident you are or if you are fearful. If you find that you cannot deal with spirits anymore, you need to take direct action to get rid of the spirits in your life but if you are understanding of them, you need to find a calmer way to help them move on.

Why is it Here?

You need to find out why the spirit is there and why it is trying to haunt you. Talk to the spirit and see if it will communicate with you. You can have a conversation with it but if it cannot communicate with you then it will be harder to get rid of it.

You need to make sure that you don’t assume why the spirit is there and you find out the real reason without jumping to conclusions. You need to make sure that you are not confused as to why the spirit is there. You need to use your intuition to help you to know why the spirit is there and look into the real reasons.

If you are not a psychic, you can use things such as Ouija boards to find out what is making the spirit to stay in your home. You can ask them questions with this and if you are not comfortable using one, you can use other things such as Tarot cards, scrying, pendulums, or other tools of divination.

Find out what is going on with the spirit and make sure that your heart and mind are open and that you are able to be focused on the problem. Make sure that you are not confused and that you are not making things up in your mind or it can cause there to be more struggle that isn’t necessary.

All spirits do not need help with something. Sometimes spirits will be there because they are bored. They will do things such as play practical jokes on you or just do things to make things uncomfortable. After you agree with the spirit and you come up with a conclusion, chances are that it will move on and not bother you anymore. Sometimes, the spirit might even come to you and ask you for favors here and there.

Most of the spirits will not come to you to cause you pain or harm but they are often tied to the place that you are in. Sometimes when you talk to the spirit, you can find out what is scaring it and you can determine how to communicate with it. The spirit might be trying to connect with you or to connect with another family member. When you find out what the spirit wants, it can take away the fear and help you to not struggle with it anymore. You can become comfortable and familiar with the spirit and then it will help you to not be afraid of it.

Resolving with a Talk

Sometimes people want to go right into hard magic to get rid of a spirit when they can solve the problems by just talking to them. Sometimes they can find a way to talk and have a small conversation and then you can find out why the spirit is there and what is bothering it. You can help the spirit to understand why it is there and you can reveal to it that it is bothering you and that it is crossing boundaries that you have set.

You don’t have to be able to see the spirit to talk to it because it is a spirit, and it can hear you when you talk no matter where it is. Sometimes you can just talk to them, and they will know that you are talking to them. Tell them why you are talking to them and what you want them to know. Tell them that you want to help them.

Sometimes you can use plain language and not get too emotional because the spirits are full of energy, and you want them to understand your energies. If you have upsetting energy, then you are going to upset the spirit. You need to make sure that you are calm and that the spirit is not mad at you. If the spirit is just upset and overwhelmed, you can try to calm it down and you can tell it that you are giving it your attention. You can even use tools of divination to help you if needed.

Set Rules

Once you talk to the spirit and it keeps disrupting you then you can set some rules for it. Explain to it that you don’t want it to do certain things. The spirit can understand you and you can see that you are the one with the power when a spirit is in your home because you are spirit and a physical being and they are just a spirit.

Most spirits will talk to humans and will know that the human is more powerful than they are and sometimes the spirit will try to act like they have the upper hand, but you can use your own thoughts and actions to prove otherwise. Do not give into them when they try to assert their power over you.

Once the problem is seen, set some rules, and come up with a list of rules that apply to your home. If the spirit breaks your rules, you can kick them out. Make sure that they understand that if they break your rules that you will make them leave because it is your house and not theirs.

Here are some rules or you can make up your own rules:

  • No hurting or scaring people or animals in the home.
  • Do not break items in the home.
  • Do not steal things.
  • No using magic or tampering with magic.
  • If they want to talk to you, they can move things or give you messages as long as they are not scaring you or damaging things along the way.

You can write the rules down and put them in your house where the spirit visits often. You can tell the rules out loud and if the spirit breaks the rules, you can tell them to leave but do not threaten them but just tell them what you expect from them. They have to agree with this and if they do not then you will kick them out. Most of the time the spirits will want to be there, and they will listen to your rules. You can give them the opportunity to stay in your home as long as they do what you ask.

Sometimes though the spirit will break the rules because they want to push you, but this is because they just want to see how you will react. You can either band them from the house or ward them for a week before you let them back in. This will teach them that you will not put up with them breaking the rules.

If a spirit chooses to ignore your rules, then you need to get the magic out and banish them.

What Then?

Most of the time the things above will cause your spirit problem to go away. It will let the spirit work with you instead of against you and you will be able to make things better for you and the spirit. There are other steps that you can take if the spirit is not listening to you, and you can do spells or other things to banish them if they are still causing you fear or acting aggressively.


Working with spirits can be scary if you are not a witch and sometimes even when you are. There is no real clue as to what you might see and so you need to always be ready. Crafting can be hard but as you learn, you can learn to deal with spirits without fear.