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Knowing Your Psychic Abilities

Knowing Your Psychic AbilitiesWhen we don’t understand the things around us, it can cause a negative opinion to be formed.  This can cause there to be stigmas that are in the back of our mind even though there are magical and paranormal things that we can sense.  We need to learn to be able to recognize these things.

If you dismiss these feelings, it can lead to suffering.  Since your connection has been led back to the mind, the conscious mind will be confused if you keep getting negativity and feeling suffering.  You will be stuck in a life and feel like you are being picked on or that you are being repaid by karma.

These experiences cannot be fully added into the psyche without understanding them.  Scientific materialism such as pushing these experiences away and seeing them as illusory and delusional will limit your knowledge and your spiritual experiences.

There are new waves of energy that are waking more people up in the past few years and this shift has made the consciousness of the planet more sensitive to psychic abilities.  There are more people that are willing to share their awareness of this.

Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

The truth is that everyone has psychic abilities to a point.  This doesn’t mean that everyone has the same gifts as mediums or psychics, but it does mean that you can have traits and sensitivities that indicate that you have more than the average gifts.

9 Ways that You Can Know You Have Psychic Abilities

Feel Bad for No Reason

The first way is that you might feel like you are getting picked on, but the truth is that your energy is moving your spirit body.  As the energy increases, you will have spiritual pain that will move down into your being and will spread to your physical body and cause you to have pain.

Some of the symptoms include feeling that you are lost, being uncomfortable around people, having cognitive memory lapses or a headache.  You might even have a complete shutdown of the brain.  These are all signs that you are neglecting your psychic abilities and this negative feeling can affect everything about your daily life.

One of the biggest things is that you can suffer from depression or be anxious and full of anxiety.  If you reclaim the serenity that you are feeling and get rid of anything that doesn’t give you goodness, such as dark energy, then you will not feel like yourself.  Practice saging to feel like yourself again.

Imaginary Friend

When you were a child, there is a chance that you were able to feel magic more.  This is because of the mind’s eye.  It is normal to make a friend when you are a child.  You probably would play with your imaginary friend and talk with them, not realizing that it was actually a spirit.  When you grew up, your brain changed and lost grip with the spiritual world.

Even though this gift usually only lasts till around 10 years old, some will continue to have these friends with them their whole life.


When you are sensitive, you are connected to different levels.  This helps you to sense things such as if the food you are eating is organic or allows you to connect with nature or stop you from connecting with nature.  If you have allergies to dust, pollen animals or other things then you will not have energy toward these things.  This can be caused because of all the electronics that we have around us and it can affect the energy field.

To stop this, it is important to do mindful breathing and to exercise your mind and powers and focus on what is happening in the now.

When you become mindful, you will gain ability to tunnel your energy flow and to get information that you need.  You will be able to get rid of thoughts that are unnecessary to help you be better.

Another way is to distance yourself form people that are sociopaths or narcissists.  Surround yourself with people that are like you and have the same kindred spirits that you do.  Find people that share your same energy.

Déjà vu

The feeling that you have seen a situation exactly like this before is part of the psychic ability that you have. Some people feel that this is an event and some will not realize that the event happened 20 years ago.

This type of knowing can make people feel surprise or shocked when it happens.  You have to learn to be calm and to know that this is going to happen to you.

Increased Pressure on the Forehead

The 7 chakras will correspond with your physical body.  If you have an increased pressure in your forehead then this is a spiritual event.  This is a sign that there are abilities that are building up in you such as clairsentience or clairvoyance.

The physical feeling is a result of your third eye chakra.  You can treat this with remedies to sooth the pain if it is unbearable but when you do this, it numbs the psychic abilities too.


The universe talks to us through our dreams.  One symptom of psychic abilities is to talk to people that are dead.  This can be seeing spirits or talking to them.

If this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean the connection is lost, it means that it can come in a dream instead.  Have you ever had a dream that seemed to convey a message?  Leaving you with a feeling something isn’t right?

Then the next day, you wake up and find out that the person that you dreamed about has died?  These things are like visions and will work with people that are deeply emotional.


If you love to be in nature with the rivers, trees and birds then this can help you to deal with issues and to take off the heavy burden that you have.  When you come back to nature, you feel better and more revived.

Nature gives you energy and takes away the pain by helping to balance you spiritually.


When someone shares something with you that is sad or happy, you feel their experience of pain, sorrow or joy.  You feel as though its going through you and is part of you.

This is part of psychic abilities called empathy.  This allows you to be kind to people that are having a hard time.  This can be bad because it can bombard you with feelings and take up a lot of energy from the energy field.

Having different layers of communication hitting you can be overwhelming.  You will want to block things out and slow down, so you aren’t over stimulated.

Lucid Dreaming

Another sign that you have psychic abilities is that you have vivid dreams.  They come to you no matter what you are doing, and you respect yourself and your intuition.

If you are paying attention to the lucid dreaming, it can become part of the astral world.  This is where you can set your mind on whatever you need and help it to manifest.  You can do anything in these dreams such as fly or travel at the speed of light.  You have inhuman strength.

Understand that when you have this psychic ability that you need to let it advance by exploring things and understanding how to protect yourself and use your gifts.

Tutor yourself on the psychic realm so that you can know what to do with all of the energies that come your way.  Use self-discovery and get a grip on your intuitive sensitivity and don’t be vulnerable to negativity.

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