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Twin Flame

Knowing When You Meet Your False Twin Flame

There are people that will come into your life and right when you meet them, you will know that this relationship is intense. When you figure out that it is your false twin flame, you might realize you are wasting your time going after this relationship.

When you meet your twin flame, things will be intense, and you will realize how important the person that you met is.

A false twin flame will also be intense, and it can be a relationship that is emotional and causes you a lot of pain in your life.

Relationships can be painful but being with a false twin flame is something that often happens when you are waiting for your twin flame. This is like a trial before you meet your real twin flame.

This means that you will make mistakes that will cause you to want to give up. You will realize what you have done wrong and what you will do right the next time.

When you meet your twin flame, you will be able to handle the emotions and the problems that being with a twin flame can bring into your life.

Signs of Meeting a False Twin Flame

There are signs that you have not met your real twin flame and they are a false twin flame such as:

Runner Chaser Phase

When you are with your twin flame, there will be an intense time where one will run and the other will chase but when you have a false twin flame, you won’t be able to get out of this stage.

You will sometimes even chase each other, and things will never settle. This will happen because when one of you gives into the relationship, things will settle down with your twin flame and you will be in a relationship.

There will be no balance and no real communication when you are with a false twin flame.

Sex Calls

Your false twin flame will call you so that they can have sex with you. This is an attachment that is very intense, but it is not a real relationship.

This is a hard sign to understand because when you are in a long-term relationship, you are committed to that person. You have to see how they settle into the relationship and how committed they are to you.

If you end up always sleeping with the person when you go over to their house, this is a false twin flame.

Don’t Know Where You Stand

Do you feel that you aren’t sure if the relationship is real or not? If you feel that you are always giving and your partner is not, this can mean that they are not involved to be your twin flame.

A real twin flame will give and take and if someone is just taking, it is not your real twin flame.


A real twin flame will make you feel secure and will be committed to you and the relationship. This will mean that you will know where you stand and what the relationship means to you.

If you are not sure what your partner wants and you are suspicious of how they are, this is a sign you are with a false twin flame.

Making Up is Passionate and Intense

When you fight and make up, you will have a passionate and intense make up time. This means you will have huge fights and you will have strong emotions at the very beginning of the relationship.

This will be strong emotions and you will feel an intense pull when you are with your false twin flame. If you keep going back to each other, this means that you are with someone that makes you feel secure and then insecure, and this is a false twin flame.

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