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Karma Contracts

Karma ContractsPeople that live in the earth can experience many things.  Some will meet their destiny while others will make decisions and have experiences that will be different.  Free will comes to play in all lives.  Karmic contracts have to do with what people that are living need.

Karmic Contract

The word karma is often used to describe destiny, but it also has another meaning.  Karma can mean taking action and with action comes a reaction.

The Law of Karma says that nothing happens without a result.  Each action brings some type of reaction and so if you do something good, good comes and if you do something bad, eventually you will pay for that.  When something is positive, you might get a gift.  There is a dual balance that has to be reached.

Dharma is when we get goods for what we have done that was good in our past life.  Karma means that we have burdens when we do something bad and this is why Dharma and Karma balance so that people can have karmic contracts.

Breaking the Contract

When you do things that are good, you get positive energy and the Dharma gets points.  These are positive actions and you can cleanse your bad karma so that you can have good things in your next life.

You have to understand that when you do something good, it should make you feel good and so you should never do good with motives.  The good energy will eventually come to you and will clear some of the karma that you have acquired in your past life.

When you are aware of the actions that you have done, you can break the karmic contracts and be connected with yourself and try to do good things.

Beating the Karmic Contract

When you want to break the karmic contract and undo your negative past, you need to make sure you are being effective.  Doing a good deed is not going to help you if you haven’t learned from your mistakes.

When you have karmic relationships, the souls are attached to you and there can be pain.  You will meet this person again so you can learn a lesson on how to break free.

If your past life caused suffering, then you might have caused someone to kill themselves.  This can bring you guilt in your new life and can cause you to have a hard time in relationships.  You will carry this guilt around and even if you don’t know why, you have to learn to get forgiveness.

You have to understand the motives of your suffering and why that you did what you did.  You can break the karmic contracts when you look deeply into your heart and try to change your responses.  When you have a good attitude, you will change the pattern of your past life and learn that being a good person is what is meant to be.

Karmic contracts can be broken as long as you have learned a lesson and you try to live a better life where you are good to people and you put others above yourself.

Always remember that you should do good things and have good motives behind it.  You should never do good just so you can reap the benefits of doing good.

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