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Improving Your Mediumship Skills

Improving Your Mediumship SkillsImproving your mediumship skills can help you to boost all that you know of in these skills settings.

Become Knowledgeable

To improve your mediumship skills, you need to understand some definitions.  If you see words like Spirit, Astral Plane, Transfiguration, Voice Medium then you need to know what they mean.

Take time to know these and understand their meaning.


You need to practice just like every athlete or other person with skill.  If you are an artist, you practice and developing mediumship means that you practice so that you can communicate with the spirits.

Practicing can help you to put your feelings and stress aside and help you to be more refreshed and rested.

There is no hurry and the spirits will be waiting on you for when you are ready to contact them.


Be patient and willing to go through different stages and don’t be rushed.  Make sure that you can get the messages and that you can be ready to hear them and do something with the signals that you have.

Feeling blocked can block the flow but you need to be patient and not get frustrated.

Be Sincere

If you want to do something to impress your friends, you will be limited in the activity with the spirits.

You need to have a desire to grow and to be sincere in wanting to see progress and skills enhanced.  There should be a feeling of humility when you contact the spirits and this can increase your communication.


When you are training, you need to be physically and mentally prepared.  Make sure that you do this by increasing you knowledge on what to eat.

Eat a lot of protein, avoid red meat when you are contacting the spirits, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, avoid sugar, avoid alcohol, always take your medications and overall keep your body in shape.

Be Intentional

Make sure that you focus on what you want to accomplish in the spirit world and that you are open to communication.  Talk with the spirits and make sure that your body and mind are in one accord.  Pray for protection and be thankful for all of the spiritual messages that you get.

Be Responsible

Make sure that you understand your abilities and the importance of peace and comfort that mediumship can bring.  This is a great responsibility but it is also a way to set your mind to the highest intentions.


Make sure that you set aside a time for daily meditation.  You need to be ready to hear the spirits and listen for them to contact you.  Listen to music and spend a good amount of time meditating.

Build Trusting Relationships

Remember that mediumship spirits will guide you and if you truly believe in these guides then they will assist you even when you can’t see it.  You need to have a good foundation and to be meditating and always asking for guidance.  Doing this can help you to build relationships.

Contacting Methods

Learn methods of contacting the spirits and make sure to keep in mind the times where there is high energy and where the harmful spirits are trying to intrude.  Put a shield of protection around yo9u to make sure that you are not in any harm.

There are different levels of mediumship and you can protect yourself from unwanted spirits attaching to you by using energy of white or a gold light.  You can also envision light surrounding you to keep you safe.

Sacred Endeavor

Always have an attitude of respect and always understanding that you need fruitful sessions with the spirits.  Having emotions is the same as the spirit emotions and it is important that you respect them so that they don’t go away from you.

Trust your Psychic Abilities

Sometimes you need to trust and not like people trust.  You need to develop a circle of trust and this can help you to make contact with the spirits.

Even though your imagination plays a role in mediumship and being interactive, you will notice that there is a true connection and then it is up to you to open yourself up to information from the spirits by connecting with them.


Now that you know these steps to increasing your mediumship, it is important to note that you are a medium in training.  Practicing can help you to gain confidence that you need and you can’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen immediately.  Just believe in yourself and what you can accomplish and you can become an excellent medium.

Write yourself a note about how you are an accurate medium and you can speak to the spirits effortlessly.  This will help you to build courage and strength.

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