How to Improve the Relationship of your Dreams


relationship2I’m pretty sure everyone will agree – relationships are not easy at all. They consume you, your attention, work, time and a vast amount of energy to cultivate. Relationships—romantic or not—are the planting, tending and harvesting of the fruits of such endeavors, and that’s exactly what we explore in this article, my gentle readers.

As a professional psychic, above all else I am asked questions about relationships. Specifically, when will love arrive, or—if it has arrived—how one can make it last. Or will it last at all? These moments of drama and trauma are what fuel the passions of the soul in such a way that they quite easily tip the balance of even the most stoic of hearts. It’s the madness and sublime ecstasy that alternate deep in our core, driving us to more insecurity and self-doubt than any other subject. I’m here to share with you some simple, constructive concepts that can help feed an existing relationship or sow the seeds for one yet to come.

  1. Prep Talk

Make sure you are truly ready for a serious, long-term relationship. Sometimes we say we want this, but don’t whole-heartedly take into consideration the commitment involved. Ask yourself if you are ready to share at least 50% of your time and resources with another person. If you are already in a relationship, are you actually putting forth at least that much into the support and maintenance of your significant other? If not, it’s time for you to ask yourself, why not? Whatever answers your intuition guides you to, use them to begin preparing yourself for the kind of relationship you want to have in your life.

  1. Face It

relationship 1 featuredIf you are currently involved with someone and you feel like the relationship isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, look into your heart and find out which one of you has moved away from those original spark-filled moments. If you find yourself instantly blaming the other person in your life before you have examined your own behaviors and contributions to the state of your relationship, you already have the answer! You might be the one who doesn’t want to look too deeply into your own shadow aspect—a process absolutely necessary to have an open, honest, and authentic connection to another person.

  1. Faith in Right Timing

Attracting someone new can be a little challenging and, if you are waiting on love, it can be very frustrating. You must remember that there are at least two timetables running in sync here: yours and that other wonderful soul who is looking for you. Just because your schedule is cleared and ready doesn’t mean that the same set of circumstances are prevailing in the life of your intended. Patience and belief are just as important as courage and determination when it comes to matters of the heart.

  1. Unearth the Passion

If you are with someone and it feels like the fire has died, take a moment to write down five things that drew you two together in the beginning. Now compare those five things to your present life. Are those attributes completely gone or has the busy, hectic pace of your current circumstances buried them? It’s not too late to resurrect the passion that drew you two together.

  1. Common Ground

relationship3Do things you actually enjoy. This is true for those looking for love as well as those who are already in a relationship. A fulfilling relationship is one that supports both people and grows with the couple as they individually evolve. If you find that your partner no longer wants to explore the same interests as you or you no longer care for the same things you once did, it is time to find a new interest! You can both have fun while you explore a brand new chapter of life. And if you are single, you stand a much better chance of meeting a compatible partner if you are having fun doing things you enjoy rather than trying to bend yourself to appear as someone you aren’t.

  1. Clean the Slate

Last but not least, remember that relationships require compromise and real priority. If you want a healthy, long-lasting relationship, you have to be willing to forget the transgressions of day-to-day life and forgive one another. It’s all about making the relationship a genuine success so you both will have a place of trust and sanctuary.

If you need sound guidance preparing for a new relationship, or assistance learning what kind of communication is needed for your present one, I welcome your call. We will work it out together!